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NOTE: When reading genealogies presented, it is important to remember that this is a work in progress. The genealogies utilized were submitted by the participants, and no attempt has been made to consolidate them into unified trees or verify this information.  Please contact the submitters for additional data, comments or corrections.

NOTE: When reading genealogies presented, it is important to remember that this is a work in progress. The genealogies utilized were submitted by the participants, and no attempt has been made to consolidate them into unified trees or verify this information.  Please contact the submitters for additional data, comments or corrections.


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Three CLARK men, John, Eli, and Henry, settled in Laurens & Montgomery County, GA about 1810 and have been thought to be brothers. They supposedly had a sister named Hester who married Thomas Lindsey. These men appear in Burke County about 1800 but after much research their parents have not been identified. Through DNA (36 of 37 matches) we have identified a related CLARK line that goes back to a Drury Clark from Sumter County, SC. The following two reports document what we know (and in some cases, what we think we know) about the early generations of this family. Information on later generations is available. Please contact us if you have info to share or think you might be related.

John Clark Bible Record
You can tell that it was probably written by the same person and not at the time the event occurred.  But it is very old. 

John Clark was born September 28th 1768
Emilia Clark was born July 25th 1785
Nancy Clark was born Oct the 20th 1803
Calphrey Clark was born Oct the 4th 1806
John Clark was born March the 23rd 1809
Mary Clark was born July the 6th 1811
Amarintha Clark was born February the first 1814
Matthew Clark was born April the 9th 1816
Elizabeth Clark was born April 25th 1818
Harlow Clark was born June the 15th 1820
Emily Clark was born August the 15th 1822
Flournoy Clark was born Oct the 2nd 1824
Francis M. Clark was born December the 6th 1825
Eleanor Clark was born December the 16th 1827
John Clark departed this life on the 20th day of March 1827
Emilia Ryan departed this life on the 3rd day of May 1844
Hiram Ryan departed this life on the 21st day of July 1846


Descendants of Unknown Clark #1

 Generation No. 1

 1.  UNKNOWN1 CLARK  He married Y. 


While the parents of John, Eli, Henry, and Hester Clark remains a mystery, several possibilities are being considered.

 (1)According to family tradition the ancestors of John Clark b. 1768 and his siblings, came from Great Britain or Ireland to Virginia in the 17th century and lived in the Carolina's before relocating in Burke County, GA.  Some references say that John Clark came to Burke County in his early childhood and others say he came in his early manhood.  A direct quote from "Memoirs of Georgia" published in 1895  says -- "The prominence of this family in the early history of Georgia and the sterling character of its representatives in Dodge County at the present time, makes a full sketch of it unnecessary in these Memoirs.  The gentleman who introduced this branch of the family into Georgia was John Clark, a native of Virginia who emigrated to Burke county in early manhood."   It goes on to explain that John married Emelia Sikes so this is our John b. 1768. 

 The above citation in "Memoirs of Georgia" prompts several thoughts.  First, if indeed this family was prominent in the early history of Georgia, it leads one to think about Elijah Clark (1733-1799) the well known General during the Revolution.  His son John was Governor of GA and died in 1832 in FL.  Although both of these gentlemen owned land in the area of Laurens Co. GA early on, John the governor, born 1766, is not our John Clark.  He could be a "cousin" however as he was about the same age as our Clark siblings.  This family tie could be the reason for the comment about this being a prominent family.  I tend to place significance on the commnets written in "Memoirs of Georgia" since it was written in 1895 when children of our John, Henry, Eli, and Hester were still living. 

Another thing that makes me interested in the Elijah Clark family is that we know our John Clark did not have slaves until just before he died.  It is thought that Eli, his brother, didn't have slaves either because one of John's sons is supposed to have gone to visit an Uncle in MS and returned to GA because this Uncle in MS had slaves.  He then went to live with his Uncle Eli's family.   Maybe John didn't need slaves since he was primarily a cattle hearder, but it is certainly true that Quakers did not have slaves.  While Elijah was not a Quaker, his family had Quaker ties and his wife was raised as a Quaker.  BUT, DNA testing indicates that we do not descend from Elijah Clark. 

 (2.) In the DAR book "History of Laurens County Georgia - Vol. II - 1941-1987" it refers to a book "Burch, Harrell, and Allied Families" that states John Clark is believed to be the son of John Clark, Sr. of Beech Island, SC.  This John Clark, Sr. (DAR claim 501328) was born in 1748 in SC and married in 1773 to Ann Tobler of Charleston.  I have spoken to a lady in Beech Island, SC who says our John Clark is not the child of this John Clark.  This lady (Jean Strickland) has a copy of John Clark's (the one who married Ann Tobler) Bible and that they only had one son named John and he died in infancy.  Our John Clark was born before they were married.  There is a possibility that John Clark, Sr. was married before he married Ann Tobler but Jean Strickland does not think so.  

 (3.) In some sources it says John's parents were F. M. Clark and Elizabeth Monroe.  Some think the F. M. stands for Francis Marion and others think the F. stands for Flournoy.  I have not been able to prove this yet but the names Francis Marion, Flournoy and Monroe are prominent in later generations.  I really think this is true but, I have no proof.  I have been looking for the right F. M. Clark for a long time.  If it is true that the father was F. M. Clark that does not exclude the possible connection to Elijah Clark's family.

 (3.) A common belief is that the parents lived in Union County, SC .  I have investigated Clarks in Union Co., SC as possible relatives.  I found a Quaker family with parents John Clark and Mary that have children with the names John, Hester, and Mary but the birthdates are different.  The father of this John and Mary was Henry Clark from PA.  In addition to his son John he had a daughter named Hester.  I have documentation about this family and cannot accept this family as the parents of our Clark family, at this point.   I have a copy of a will from Union County for John Clark who mentions sons Henry and John.  I do not think we can say this is our Henry and John.   (John and Henry are very common Clark names.)  There is no mention of Eli.  The Hester who was a sister of this John Clark, husband of Mary, married a John C. Campbell and eventually moved to Ohio.  I, also, have documentation that proves that Henry moved with his mother to Warren County, OH and remained living there. I also have pretty good proof that John and other children joined their mother in OH.  I wish we could find a person from this line to participate in the DNA testing.  I am very willing to share my documentation about this family. 

 (4.) There is a group of Clarks in Anson Co., NC that also shows possibilities as relatives but nothing here yet.  Of interest, there is a Francis Clark in Anson County but I have looked at this family and cannot find a connection.  I have a good bit of information on these Clarks, too.  This needs more research.

 (5.)  Another area of research for the parents of our Clark line would be the Scots who settled in Eastern NC.  I have spent some time researching this possibility but nothing has been found yet.  It seems very possible to me that our Clarks were Scots.  They married into many known Scot families, i.e., Currie, Gillis, McLendon, etc.  I have several articles about Clark families who emmigrated from Scotland.  Again, this needs more research.

 (6.)  In 2005 we had a 24 marker DNA test match with Tom Clark from SC.  Tom descends from a Drury Clark b. May 5, 1786 d. Oct. 9, 1820.  It is throught that this Drury Clark was the son of another Drury Clark who died in 1799 in Charleston, SC.  There is a deposition by a Drury Clark that indicates his parents lived in  Brunswick Co. VA at one time.  (See Drury Clark family tree.) This deposition was sworn on May 3, 1796 so this had to be the older Drury Clark.  While we do not have proof that the older Drury was the father of the second Drury, Tom and Joe, his sister, think this is so.  This Brunswick County, VA connection is being investigated now, Jan. 2006. Tom later updated his DNA test to the 37 marker test and he matched Lawrence Stanley "Larry" Clark from Clemson in 36 of 37 markers.  Larry is a John Clark b. 1768 descendant. 

 One researcher, Mitzi Bateman, has sent me info given to her by her Father.  He remembers that the family was supposed to have been cattle herders on the border of NC and SC.  Since Cowpens, SC is near that border we should investigate that area and other known sites of cow pens.  I do have an article about the management of cattle by these settlers in SC.  The unique thing was that they allowed the cattle to free range and brought them home at night to feed their young.  This was OK as long as there was plenty of open land.  It also was cheep in that it did not require many people hence most of these hearders did not have slaves.  Neighbors would help each other gather up to cattle each night.  The article also hints that this influenced the settler to be more "laid back" about work and that influenced the Southern life style.  Mitzi's father also said there were 7 brother in all in the CLARK family.

Children of UNKNOWN CLARK and Y are:

2.                i.    HENRY2 CLARK, b. Abt. 1760, SC; d. 1843, Montgomery County, GA.

3.               ii.    JOHN CLARK, b. 28 Sep 1768; d. 20 Mar 1827, Laurens County GA.

4.              iii.    HESTER ANN CLARK, b. 13 Apr 1774; d. 04 Jul 1876, Colquitt County, GA.

5.              iv.    ELI CLARK, b. Bet. 1775 - 1780, NC or SC; d. 1834, Baker Co. GA.

                  v.    MARY CLARK, b. 1799.


Generation No. 2


2.  HENRY2 CLARK (UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1760 in SC, and died 1843 in Montgomery County, GA.  He married UNKOWN. 

Notes for HENRY CLARK:

While we do not have paper proof, we are fairly certain that Henry Clark was a brother of John Clark b. 1768 and Eli Clark.  DNA testing has proven that they all descend from a common ancestor, probably a father.  We do know that there was a Henry Clark, Jr.  listed in the 1798 Burke County Tax Digest.  (There were, in addition three John Clarks and one William Clark.)  Then in 1805 when John Clark applied for the land lottery there were the following Clarks listed, also:  Donald Mark, Eli, Henry, Henry (S.R.), James, John, John, Nancy, Warren, William (B. H.) and William (B. D.).  Then in 1807 when John Clark won land we find the following Clarks also winning land: Nancy, Eli, Henry, James, William (B.H.), Clark (B. D.) Henry (S.R.), Donald Mark, and John (Brownes District).  I think it is interesting but may not mean anything the Eli, John, Henry and James names appear together on a non alphabetical list.  Then we know that John and Henry show up in the Laurens/Montgomery County area about the same time.  Henry shows up on the Grand Jury in Montgomery Co. on July 23, 1816.  When Henry  wrote his will in 1842 he had Harlow and Calphrey Clark serve as witnesses.  Harlow and Calphrey were sons of John Clark.    There was definitely a tie between the families and I believe that Henry was a brother John Clark b. 1768. 

 His will says --- I Henry Clark of the County and State aforesaid having my natural sences and sound mind and the knowledge of and love of God about me do make this my Last Will and Testament do give and bequeath to my lawful children - Seven in number and Grand Son viz Naomme Brown Samuel Clark William Clark Eleanor Clark Elizabeth Harrels on Janes Calrk and Mary Clark .. and John Clark my Grandson unto the m I do give and bequeath all my Estate both real and personal competa nt (&) of Lands and negros horses my stock of cattle and hogs..and kitchen furniture unto the above named Children I give and bequeath unto each as follows unto my beloved daughter Naoma Brown I give and bequeath to her three cows and calfs or thirty dollars ..unto my beloved son Samuel Clark I do give and bequeath my Negro woman Rose and her child George unto my beloved son William Clark I do give and bequeath my Negro man Will unto my beloved daughter Eleanor Clark I give and bequeath unto her one lot of Land Situated in the Eleventh district of Wilkenson county and known and destingueshed in Land district by number two .. together with all appertanances belonging there to and all my stock of remaining cattle and hogs and my horse Selim and household andkitchen furniture & to the heirs of her body .. unto my beloved daughter Elizabeth Harrelson I do give and bequeath unto her one Hundred and fifty dollars..unto my beloved son James Clark during his life time and then to my daughter Eleanor Clark and the heirs of her boddy I do give and bequeath to him my Negro woman Ead..unto my daughter Mary Clark Ido give and bequeath my Little Negro girl Rody to her and the heirs of her boddy.. to my beloved grand Son John Clark give and bequeath my Sorrel mare and filly.  I believing my beloved sons Samuel Clark and William Clark to be my true and trusty friends I do here by appoint them my true-unreadable- to this my last will and testament in witness where of I have here unto set my hand and Seal this twenty fourth of May 1842.  In the presents of Harlow Cark and Calphrey Clark 

 Court of Ordinary January Term 1843

Georgia/ Montgomery County     The within last will and testament of Henry Clark having been duly proven at this regular term in open Court upon the oaths of Harlow Clark and Calphrey Clark ordered that the same be admitted to record.  The within last will and testament of Henry Clark was duly recorded in this Januray 5th 1843 Book A, page 47, 48, 49.  Farquar McRae C.C.O.

 Henry is shown on the census records of Montgomery county as follows:
1820 Males under 10 -- 1 (James although he should have been 13)
Males 10-16 -- 1 (William)
Males 16 -26 -- 1 (Samuel H.)
Males over 45 -- 1 (Henry)
Females 10-16 -- 2 (Eleanor and Elizabeth)
Females 16-26 -- 1 (Norma ? -- nothing is known about an older girl-Mary)

1830 Males under 5 --1(Could this be a child of Norma who may have been married prior to marrying James Brown in 1835? Or, is it a child of Eleanor since there is an Eleanor and James on the 1850 census living with Elizabeth and William Harrelson.  Elizabeth was Eleanor's sister.  That James is 22 in 1850 making him born in 1828 so it is probably him.)

Males 60-70 -- 1 (Henry)
Females 15-20 -- 1 (Proably Eleanor)
Females 20-30 -- 1 (Maybe Norma)
1840 Males 10-15 -- 1 (Probably James as above)
Males 70-80 -- 1(Henry)
Females10-15 -- 1 (I can't figure the rest of these females out.)
Females 15-20 -- 1
Females 20-30 -- 1

Children of HENRY CLARK and UNKOWN are:

                   i.    MARY3 CLARK.

                  ii.    NORMA CLARK, b. Abt. 1796; m. JAMES BROWN, Abt. 1835; b. Abt. 1805, SC1.

 Notes for NORMA CLARK:

John Daniels and M. L. Clark think that Norma was married to a Clark before she married James Brown.  Henry mentions a John Clark, his grandson, in his will. 

 Notes for JAMES BROWN:

John Daniels writes -- It appears she may have been married to a Clark before her marriage to Brown.  On the 1850 census, family #22, there is a John Omy Clark, age 32, m. to Elizabeth with two children.  Norma "Omy" Clark would have been 22 when this child was born.  Also, the will of Henry mentions a grandson John Clark.


                 iii.    SAMUEL HOWARD CLARK, b. 29 Aug 1801; d. 02 Jan 1863, Montgomery County, GA; m. ELIZABETH E. GRANTHAM; b. 1805, SC; d. 1883, Cedar Grove, Laurens County, GA..


1850 census for Montgomery County shows:

Samuel Clark, 48, Farmer born in GA

Elizabeth E. Clark, 45, born SC

William H. (Howard) Clark, 20, born GA

Samuel A. Clark, 13, born GA

Kornelius M. Clark, 13, born GA

Elizabeth E. Clark, 11, born GA

John M. Clark, 8, born GA

Mary J. Clark, 5, born GA

Infant 11/12, m, born GA (probably Andrew Clark)


Last Will and Testament of Samuel Clark as recorded by John Daniel


Recorded by order of Court of Ordinary this 8th day of October 1863.  F. mcRae, Dept. ordy., & Clk Court Ordy., Montgomery Co., FA

General index, pg 58, Deed Book 14, pg 557 Dist 11

Last will and Testament of Samuel Clark -- In the name of God: Amen. I, Samuel Clark of the County of Montgomery and State of Georgia, being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make ordain and publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.  That is to say, First, after all my lawful debts are paid and discharged, the residue of my Estate real and personal, I give , bequeath and dispose of as follows:  to wit: to my bleoved wife, two tracts of land nos. sixty (60) and sixty one (61) and appurtenances situated thereon, known and described as the premises on which I now live, in the County of Montgomery and State of Georgia.  Our mare and her own colt named Mealy and all the sheep in her own mark, and twenty head of hogs, and twenty head of cattle, and one negro woman named Pat and all the household furniture belonging to me, during the time of her natural life, and after her death to belong to my daughter Statira Ann Clark. 


I give and bequeath and divise all the residue and remainder of my real and personal estate to my children now living, or to my children or to their heirs who may be living at the time of my decease to be divided equally between them, share and share alike with the exception of my daughter Statira Ann Clark, who shall have only ten dollars of the last named distribution. 


Likewise, I make, constitute, and appoint my said sons, Samuel A., and Cornelious M. Clark to be Executioners of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former will by me made. 


In witness whereof, I have herunto subscribed my name and affixed myseal, this the tenty day of December in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty three.  Signed by Samuel Clark. Witnessed by William Clark of Montgomery County, John Clark of Montgomery county, and John A. Livingston of Montgomery County.


The Montgomery Court of Ordinary; February term 1864

The Will of Samuel Clark being produced in open court for probate by the Executors and the witnesses to said will, John Clark, John Livingston being duly sworn deposes and said that they saw the said Samuel Clark sign, seal publish, and declare the said instrument as his last will and testament, voluntarily and fully and without comulsion and that they signed said will as witnesses in the presesce of said Samuel Clark asked each other and that William Clark also assigned with them as a subscribin witness.  Sworn to and subscribed in open Court.  John A. Livingston, John Clark Jas G. Conner-Ordinary.  This is to certify that the foregoing is a true record of the last will and testament of Samuel Clark, together with the probate of the same, as admitted to record at February term 1864 of Co. Ordy of said County at a regualr term and recorded this the ninth day of February 1864.  By F. McRae D. Ordy. & Clk. Co. Ordinary.


John Daniels had a bill of sale for a slave named George dated march 3, 1860 when Samuel sold the slave to Reuben R. Renfrow.  Samuel had received this slave from his father in his will.  At that time George was 5 years old.  He sold him in 1860 for $1300.  John Daniels noted that this was horrible to comtemplate. 



John Daniels believed that Elizabeth "Eliza" was the daughter of Daniel Grantham who was born in NC in 1772.  Daniel was the son of Nathan Grantham, RS.  I have not entered this since it is just John's opinion.  (See John's file for details.)


The following letter was given to John Daniel by M. L. Clark, Jr., who got it from his Aunt Sophie Clark herrington Dominy.  She had a trunk with most of the materials of C. M. Clark.


Georgia Montgmorery County Sept. 4th, 1857

Dear Son and Daughter after the usual compliments I inform you that we are all well at this time and that I received your kind letter which gave me much satisfaction to hear from you and that you were both to be about not withstanding you had both got a fall from off your horse you also informed me that you had a very fine crop which I was glad to hear, and that you were both still striving to serve the Lord for the good word Says fist seek the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness and all other things that you kneed Shall be granted unto you, Dear children We do want to see you and converse with you, but it is so that we cannot go to see you at this time though your Mother talks of trying to go home with you when you come in.  My crop is not very good particularly potatoes and Sugar came and peas are pretty destroyed by the laste drouth.  I have nothing to write you is new or that would be likely to interest you very much, Old Mr. Kinon Wright id ded he went into Edgefielf district Southcarolina and died their on the Second of September, the family connnection is all well, so fare as I have heard.  I am at this time ingaged in trying to geather my fatning hogs- but verry Slow rut s We have no dog that will either hunt hogs or Ketch them and a great part of my hogs has got Skitsh and connot be controled without a dog.  Times is still hard and extremely dull in this section.  Dear Children I am truly glad to hear that you are likely to make plenty of provisions and that you are Satisfied with the country for although I should be glad to see you often and be with you in my old age I cannot blame you if their is any better place than this to try to get to it for this country is wore out and every thing in it has failed I have not had a good mess of fish or Venison this Summer.  Dear children I am sorry to relate to you that the cause of religion is at a very low ebb at time amonst us (unreadable) has become verry cold in the cause, and some has intirely back slided-but I would intred you bey and all things to make sure work for heaven for this is the only thing that is worth all our endeavers at last for if we could gain the whole world and loose heaven We should make a verry bad bargin for this world much perish and the things therein but heaven will be as good when ten thousand years past and gone as when it first began.  So I must come to a close by asscribing myself you affectionate father until death.  Samuel Clark  Elizabeth E. Clark


                 iv.    WILLIAM CLARK, b. 1806; d. Bef. 1895; m. AMARINTHA CLARK; b. 01 Feb 1814, Laurens County GA1; d. Aft. 1890, Montgomery Co. GA.



William was a minister and served in the Civil War.  Family legend is that he was nearsighted and would have been 59 years old when the war ended.  He was serving with a unit of the Georgia Militia and got separated from them in VA at wars end.  He walked back to GA and made it by asking for food and shelter at night.  Next morning he would ask someone to put him on the road to GA. 


While I have no way of knowing if this is the William Clark referred to, there is a posting in "The Dublin Post" on August 21, 1878 and taken from the "Montgomery News" that says -- "Mr. William Clark, one of the oldest settlers of this county, who has been a great hunter in his day, has kept an account of all the deer he has killed since he came here, and the amount is over fifteen hundred."  This may not be the right Wm. since he was supposed to be so nearsighted.  ;-) 


On the 1850 census for Montgomery county we find:

William Calrk 44 70 farmer property valued at $327 born in GA.

Amarintha 36 yo born in Ga

Henry S. 17 yo, farmer

Mary E. 14 yo

Amarintha R. 10 yo

Female name I can't read  who is 6 yo

Frances L. 5 yo

Hariet E. 2 yo

William  ----months old

John Mc 15 yo.


On the 1860 census for Montgomery county we find:

William Clark 54 yo former with property valued at $5802.

Amarintha 46 yo

Henry S. 27 yo

Matthew 25 yo

Rachel A.R. 20 yo

Sarah R. 23 yo

Frances L. 15 yo

Harriet C. 12 yo

Wm. H. 9 yo

Robert N. 7 yo

Emily J. 3 yo

James May 24 yo


                  v.    JAMES L. CLARK, b. 1807; m. (1) ELIZABETH HIGHTOWER; b. 15 Dec 1839; m. (2) MARY MOORMAN.


Notes for JAMES L. CLARK:

While I can't be positive this particular James Clark is the son of Henry, it does seem logical. 


                 vi.    ELEANOR CLARK, b. 1808.



Probably never married.  Seems to be listed in 1850 census under William Harrelson who married her sister Elizabeth.  Also, listed under Elenor there is listed a James who is 22 yo and ?idiot.  Perhaps born out of wedlock.  Both Elenor and Elizabeth are listed under Bradley Harrelson on the 1860 census.  So William Harrelson, husband of Elizabeth, must have died between 1850 and 1860.


                vii.    ELIZABETH CLARK, b. 08 Jul 1811, Montgomery County, GA; d. 30 Jul 1891, Telfair County, GA1; m. JOHN WILLIAM HARRELSON; b. 1801, GA; d. 1856, GA.



Dodge County Newspaper Clippings, Vol. 1, 1873 - 1892, by Tad Evans  documents in Dots from Peach Orchard - Friday August 21, 1891.  Mrs. Elizabeth Haralson, an aged lady of Telfair County, living near here, after going through the regular routine of milking the cows, cooking and eating breakfast, churning and putting the house to rights, apparently in good health during the time, engaged in a conversation with Mrs. Kizzie Clark, and fell dead without warning.  Three of her children living at Tifton were notified of the death by telegram and came on the next train.  They were Mrs. A. J. Pope, Elkannah and SAmuel Haralson, The remains were buried in the family grave yeard the next day at 3:40 o'clock in teh presence of numerous relatives and friends.  The deceased left seven children, sixty-nine grandchildren, fifty great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildre.  Her exact age is not known, but Mrs. Kizzie Clark is her oldest child and Judge W. C. Clark, of this county, is her oldest living grandson and he is forty-two years old. 



From the Smallwood book Vol II pg 165 -- old records transcribed 1806-1862, Montgomery County, GA Courthouse, page 348: Monday, May 5, 1856, court of Ordinary, Montgomery County, GA.  The court met pursuant to adjournment.  Present James G. Conner, Ordinary.  At the last therm of this Court, Mrs. Elizabeth harrelson, Executrix and Bradley Harrelson, executor, of the last will and testament of William Harrelson, late of said county, deceased, produced in court the last will and testament of said deceased, which was in common form of law proven on the testimony of Reuben Harrelson, James Cadwell, John J. Clark, and Calphrey Clark subscribing witnesses to said will,  it is ordered that said will be recorded, and it is further ordered that letters testamentary be granted the executrix and executor in said will named.  Ordered that Samuel Clark, John Clark, Reuben Harrelson and Elias Barlow be and they are hereby appointed appraisers to appraise the estate of Willima Harrelson deceased.  


John Daniels comment -- Reuben was probably Williams brother, however he could be his son.  James Cadwell was his brother -in-law (m. Sabra); Samuel Clark was his brother -in-law (bro. of Elizabeht, his wife); I am not sure who John J. Clark and Elias Bartwo were.



Burial: Harrelson Cemetery, Wheeler, County, GA



3.  JOHN2 CLARK (UNKNOWN1) was born 28 Sep 17682, and died 20 Mar 1827 in Laurens County GA.  He married EMELIA SIKES 25 Jul 1801 in Burke Co. GA ?3, daughter of WILLOUGHBY SIKES and WINIFRED GILBERT.  She was born 25 Jul 1785 in Burke County GA ?, and died 03 May 1844 in Laurens County GA.


Notes for JOHN CLARK:

While John and Emelia were pioneers of Laurens County, GA it is obvious that we don't know a lot about their life before Laurens County.  John appeared on the 1805 and 1807 land lotteries in Martin's District, Burke County, GA.  As a result of the 1807 lottery he received a land grant of 2021/2 on Stone Creek in Wilkinson county in what is now Twiggs county.  (Ben Hitson of Dublin, GA had the original copy of this grant and provided me a copy.) At this time I do not know anything about his stay in Twiggs County.  In looking at the map where the land grant was located, it looks like a swamp.  It may not have been sufficient for a farm.  We know he kept this land in Twiggs county because it is mentioned in the court documents after his death.  It is referred to swamp land.  While it probably wasn't worth much then, ML Clark tells me it is today due to the resources under ground.


The family finally located in Laurens County and it has been written that he received a grant of 3000 acres of land on the Oconee River. (19 miles below Dublin, GA in Laurens County on the Glenwood Highway No. 19).  After much review of deeds in Laurens County I think I can safely say that John Clark b. 1768 did NOT acquire 3000 acres along or near the Oconee River.  As best as I can tell John had, at most, 6 plots of land in the Cedar Grove Community.  I have only found evidence that he owned all or part of land lots # 23, 24, 25, 6, and 8 in the 12th District just west of Cedar Grove.  Lots 6 & 25 were bought by Matthew Clark, his son, from Kenion Wright, Administrator of John Clark's estate, on July 5, 1834.  Part of Lots 23 and 8 and all of lot # 24 were given to Flournoy and Francis Marion Clark in their Mother's will.  Lots 23 and amounted to 303 3/4 acres.  Lot # 24 contained 202 1/2 acres. 


The 3000 acre planatation should be credited to his son John G. N. F. Clark.  I have not found any evidence of John Clark giving his son John GNF any land.  It appears John GNF bought his own land.  He owned lots of land (near 4000 acres) in the 12th district, along the Oconee River including Baughnaughclaughbaugh Bluff and along River Road and Old River Road.   


In "History of Laurens County"  Vol. I it says that the southern part of Laurens county the settlers were few and far between.  The ones there made a living with range cattle, sheep, cows, and hogs.  The hogs were in the swamps.  The Clark, Noles, and Burch families are mentioned as being the early settlers.  "For a long time these lands were considered almost worthless, sometimes many acres were sold before the courthouse door to pay overdue taxes, for twenty-five cents an acre.  Several years passed before the owners of these pine acres realized the value of the timber; then they began to cut it, draw the pines to the river and making a raft piloted it down to Darien, and lumbering became a real industry."  (p45)  I have a record of John Buying a slave named Patsy (25 years old) on 9/11/1823.  On the 1820 census he did not list owning any slaves.  This fits with the theory of him being a cattle hearder. 


It is possible that John started the Clark Baptist Church near his home.  This church no longer exists and I have not found any records from it.  Mitzi Bateman's Dad refers to him as Rev. Clark in his research documents. 


It is very possible that John had been married before he married Emelia Sikes as he was over 30 years of age when he married Emelia.  The date I have for the marriage for John and Emelia is certainly not confirmed. 


On the 1820 census for Laurens County GA we find the following:


John Clark

Males less than 10 -- 3  (Matthew and who are the other two -- Harlow not born yet)

Males 10-15 -- 2  (Calphrey & John GNF)

Males 45 & over -- 1  (John)

Females less than 10 -- 3 (Mary A., Amarintha, and Elizabeth)

Females 16-25 -- 1  (Probably Patsy Sikes or could be Nancy)

Females 26-44 -- 1 (Emily)


NOTE:  The 1820 census was supposed to be based on the family as of the date of August 7, 1820.


John did not leave a will.  In fact there are extensive court records in Laurens County about his children challenging the management of the estate by the administrator, Kenion Wright.  I have often wondered why Kenion Wright was made the administrator.  What was his connection to the family?  It is in these court records that we find reference to John Clark loaning money to his brother Eli.  (I have copies and I have transcribed the documents.)


More About JOHN CLARK:

Land: 1807, Received a land grant in 1807 got 202+ acreas on Stone Creek in Wilkinson Co. (Now Twiggs Co) GA.

Occupation: Farmer



On the 1830 census for Laurens Co., GA you find:


Emily Clark

Males under five yo -- 1(Francis Marion)

Males 5-9 -- 2 (George Flournoy & Harlow)

Males 10-14 -- 2  (Matthew and who)

Males 20-29 -- 1 (John GNF -- Calphrey probably was out on his own by now.)

Females 10-14 -- 1 (Elizabeth -- Mary A. was married, not sure about Amarintha)

Females 30-39 -- 1 (Probably Patsy Sikes as Nancy is not mentioned in John's will)

Females 40-49 -- 1  (Emily)

3 male slaves

1 female slave


On the 1840 census for Laurens County you find:


Emilia Clark

Males 10-15 -- 1 (Francis Marion)

Males 15-20 -- 1  (George Flournoy)

Males 20-30 -- 1  (Harlow)  Matthew had not married yet but must not have lived at home.  I have a record of him buying Lot numbers 6 and 25 from his fathers estate July 5, 1834.

Females 40-50 -- 1 (Probably Patsy Sikes)

Females 50-60 -- 1  (Emily)


Emelia was the agent for a Patsy Sikes who we think may have been her sister.  She made a pre marriage agreement with Hiram Ryan who she married after John Clark died.   I am trying to find out more about Emelia's family.  As far as I know we are not even sure she and John married in Burke County. 


Please refer to copies of the court records re the case challenging Kenion Wright on his management of John Clark's estate.  Emily is allowed to keep the land on which she lives.  Apparently this was part of lots # 23 and 8  in the 12th District which her will stated contained 303  3/4 acres.  She left these two lots to her sons Flournoy and Francis to be divided evenly between them.  She also left lot 24 which contained 202 1/2 acres to these same two sons.  Since her son Matthew had already bought lots 6 and 25 in the 12 th District this only leave lot 7 which originally belonged to John and Emelia Clark.  I don't know what happened to this lot. 


John Daniels has a note that says there was another child by the name of Eleanor who was born Dec. 16, 1827.  He indicates that there is a Bible copied by the Ladson Library in Vidalia that lists this child.  I have not listed her until we get a copy of that Bible record. 



Probate: 09 Sep 1844, Will probated, Book II, 1846-69, P. 25

Will: 18 Mar 1844, Will signed Emily Ryan, Laurens Co GA


Children of JOHN CLARK and EMELIA SIKES are:

                   i.    NANCY3 CLARK, b. 20 Oct 1803; d. 25 Mar 1862, Laurens County GA.


Notes for NANCY CLARK:

Nancy spposedly never married but John Daniels has a note that says she might have married someone with the last name of Brown.  What I can't understand is why her name is not mentioned in the settlement of her fathers' estate.  There were other daughters who were married and they were mentioned.  I don't know where we get the date of her death.  I've never seen anything to verify it.  I'm willing to bet Nancy was dead by 1827 when her father died.  John Daniels says that she is buried in the Clark Cemetery but again that is not documented. 


Of Note!!  Samuel Howard Clark son of Henry Clark had a daughter named Nancy who married Elijah Brown.  This could have caused the confusion. 


                  ii.    CALPHREY CLARK, b. 04 Oct 1806; d. 11 Nov 1868, Montgomery County GA; m. CYNTHIA BURCH, 15 Nov 1832, Montgomery County, GA; b. 26 May 18154; d. 16 Sep 1894, Dodge County, GA.



Calphrey became the patriarch of the John Clark family upon the death of his Father John.  In 1832 , on behalf of his Mother and siblings, Calphrey took legal action to remove Kenon Wright as the administrator of his father's estate.  In the court case it was alleged Wright had mismanaged the estate and appropriated the estate's funds for his own use.  Calphrey owned a number of slaves and a plantation comprised of several hundred acres in the 393rd and 395th Militia Districts of Montgomery County, GA.  This area was later made a part of Wheeler County.  Calphrey's sons were among the earliest pioneers of Dodge County, GA. 


Calphrey was given a "good" education and studied medicine.  He became a physician of note and an extensive planter in Montgomery County where he died in 1869. "He served for 27 years as justice of the peace when that office was of much more importance than at present."  (quote from Memoirs of Georgia)  He was a veteran of the Florida Indian Wars.  I, also, found a Calphrey Clark listed as a physician for the CSA in the "The War of Rebellion" books.  Physicians were not necessarily a member of a particular regiment.  (May have been a Captain in the 5th Georgia Reserves.)


On the 1840 ensus for Montgomery County you find:

Calphrey Clark

Males under 5 yo -- 2 (Hamilton and Benjamin Newton)

Males 5-10 yo -- 2 (John Jackson & Matthew)

Males 30-40 -- 1 (Calphrey)

Females under 5 -- 1 (??)

Females 20-30 -- 1 (Cynthia)


On the 1850 census for Montgomery County you find:

Calphrey Clark, 43 yo farmer born in GA

Cynthia Clark, 35 yo

John J. Clark, 16 yo

Matthew Clark, 15 yo

Benjamin Clark, 12 yo

Hamilton Clark, 11 yo

Harlo Clark, 5 yo

Martha Sikes, 56 yo

Elizabeth Yawn, 13 yo

John Yawn, 17 yo


On the 1850 slave schedule Calphrey owned five slaves


On the 1860 census for Montgomery County you find:

#239 Calphrey Clark is 53 years old, his real estate is valued at $2000 and his personal estate is valued at $17752.  He was well off.  On the slave schdule for 1860 he owned 12 slaves. Living with him is Syntha Clark who is 45 yo, Matthew who is 25 yo, Hamilton who is 21 yo, and Harlow who is 15 yo.  There is also a female with the surname of Harrell.  I can't read the first name and don't know the relationship to Calphrey.


John Daniels writes that he took info from the tombstones with Williouse Daniel Hamilton in Oct. 1993.  He wrote re New Hope Church, Burch District, Laurens County -- "This church has been inactive for a long time.  I remember the church building as a child.  The large marker at grave states 'erected by John J. Clark, Mathew Clark, Hamilton Clark, Harlow Clark and Mary C. Bussey.  He notes that Mary was a grand daughter.  This cemetery is not well maintained."  I have a copy of his will written Nov. 9, 1868. 


I have a note from Elizabeth A. Hebert in Jacksonville, FL that says Calphrey declared that he was going to have a nice house if it cost him $50!  So he had the slaves cut enough timber to build a two-story house. 



Burial: 1869, Buried at New Hope Church, Burch District, Laurens County, GA

Military service: Soldier during Florida Indian Wars

Occupation: Doctor, Planter, Justice of the Peace

Residence: Montgomery Co. GA



I have two sources for the death of Cynthia and one says Nov. 18, 1893 in Dodge Co. GA.



Burial: 1894, New Hope Church, Burch District, Laurens County, GA


                 iii.    JOHN GIAS NICHOLOAS FREEMAN CLARK, b. 25 Mar 1809, Laurens County GA5,6; d. 18 May 1894, Laurens County GA7; m. ELIZABETH MCCLENDON, 07 Apr 1836, Laurens County GA; b. 14 Jul 18177; d. 02 Feb 18937.



John GNF Clark owned a large amount of land along the Oconee River in South Laurens County.  John was only 18 when his Dad died in 1827.  He did not marry (as far as we know now) until 1836.  He lived during a time of great prosperity and great tragedy in Georgia.  On the 1860 census he is shown as having real estate valued at $2000 and personal estate valued at $5290.  I have heard that his was known as "Jack."  He and Elizabeth lost three sons in the Civil War -- Calphrey, Burrell, and Wiley.  Another son (John Clayton) died in 1872 and a daughter (Faraba) died between 1876 and 1880.  I have herd that John GNF was very generous with those in need during the hard times of the Civil War and afterwards.


On the 1840 census is shows:

John GNF Clark --

Males under 5 yo -- 1(Calphrey)

Males 30-40 yo -- 1 (John GNF)

Females under 5 yo -- 1 (Faraba)

Females 20-30 -- 1 (Elizabeth)


On the 1850 census is shows: 

Jno. GNF Clark 41 yo, farmer b. in GA

Elizabeth Clark 30 yo b. in GA

Feraby 13 yo

Calphrey10 yo

Burrel 9 yo

Clayton 7 yo

Wylly 4 yo

William 2 yo

They are living next to (on the census page) Burrell McLendon.


On the 1850 Slave Schedule John owned the following slaves: 1 male 31yo, 1 female 17 yo and one female 13 yo. 


On the 1860 Laurens County Census it shows the following:

John GF Clark  -- 51 yrs. old

Elizabeth Clark -- 42 yrs. old

Calfrey -- 20 yrs. old

Burrel -- 18 yrs. old

Clayton -- 16 yrs. old

Wiley -- 14 yrs. old

William -- 11 yrs. old

Florey -- 10 yrs. old

Harlow -- 7 yrs. old

Emily -- 5 yrs. old

Hetta -- 2 yrs. old.


On the 1860 Slave Schedule John owned the following slaves:  1 male 46 yo, 1 female 25 yo, 1 female 22 yo, 1 female 7 yo, and 1 female 4 yo. 

On the 1870 census it shows:

J. G. F. Clark 60 yo, farmer

Elizabeth Clark 52 yo

William Clark 21 yo

Flournoy 20 yo

Harlow M. 17 yo

Emily 16 yo

Hettie S. 12 yo

Living with them is Mary Albert a 26 yo white domestic servant and Jessie Clark 12 yo black male.


On the 1880 census it shows:

George GNF Clark 72 yo

Elizabeth Clark 64 yo, wife

Harlow M. 24 yo son

Elizabeth, 24 yo, neice

They are living next to (on the census list) George Towns and Hettie Sophie Clark Towns. 


By the time his Mother died in 1844 he had been married for about 9 years.  I need to find out how he got the land he was living on. 


I found evidence of John GNF clark buying property as below:  He bought lot # 194 in District 12 Sept 1, 1850. In District 12 he bought all or part of lots 289, 308, 309, 310, and 293 on Feb. 16, 1853.  In District 12 he bought all or part of lots 327, 328, 323, 291, 305, 326, 331, and 332 on Jan. 9, 1854. He bought part of lots # 289, 298, 308, 309, 310, 294, 334 on Jan 2, 1873.  He bought part of lots # 335, 307, 327, 249, 328, 322, 323, 291, 305, 326, 336, 332, 357, April 2, 1873. 


So far I have not found any court records related to his estate after he died.  I did find that toward the end of his life he started deeding or selling his property to his children as listed below.  Note, when a lot is mentioned twice I assume he sold it in parts.


Lot # 293 to Wm. C. Clark on 3/28/1882

Lot # 308 to Hettie Sophie Towns on 3/28/1882

Lot # 309 to Hettie Sophie Towns on 3/28/1882

Lot # 310 to Emily E. Branch on 5/15/1885

Lot # 310 to Emily E. Branch on 3/28/1882

Lot # 310 to John A. Clark on 5/15/1885

Lot # 334 to Hettie Sophie Towns on unknown date

Lot # 335 to Emily Branch on 5/15/1885

Lot # 307 to Hettie Sophie Towns on 3/15/1886

Lot # 249 to Wright R. Coleman on 9/2/1881

Lot # 328 to Flournoy T. Clark on 3/18/1886

Lot # 322 to Hettie Sophie Towns on 5/15/1885

Lot # 326 to Flournoy T. Clark on 3/28/1882

Lot # 327 to Flournoy T. Clark on 3/28/1882 (This appears to be the location of B. Bluff.)

Lot # 305 to Emily Branch on 3/28/1882

Lot # 331 to Hettie Sophie Towns on 3/28/1882

Lot # 332 to Hettie Sophie Towns on 3/28/1882

Lot # 279 to John A. Clak and Mary E. on 5/15/1885

Lot # 297 to Flournoy T. Clark on 3/28/1882

Lot # 333 to Harlow M. Clark on 9/2/1881

Lot # 353 to Harlow M. Clark on 9/2/1881

Lot # 354 to Harlow M. Clark on 9/2/1881

Lot # 273 to Harlow M. Clark on 9/2/1881


This leaves about 11 land lots owned by John GNFfor which I need to determine the outcome.  (5/4/2005)


John GNF is listed on the Voter Registration list for 1888 in the Lowery's district. 


Nina McQuaig Nelson wrote the following in October of 1982 -- "John Gias Nicholas Freeman Clark, son of John Clark and Emelia lived directly west of this cemetery (Clark Towns Branch Cemetery) on the highway.  Their home was a log cabin.  A larger house was added on the front in later years.  This home and a large acreage of land was inherited by his son Flournoy Tyson, who was married to Sarah Elizabeth Currie.  Here they reared their children.  The home was torn down many years ago for growing pine trees."



Burial: Buried in Clark Cemetery 1/2 mile west of Glenwood Highway 19, South of Dublin, GA in Laurens County

Property: Large land owner and farmer.



Burial: Clark Cemetery


                 iv.    MARY AMARINTHA CLARK, b. 06 Jul 1811; d. 28 Oct 19198; m. SAMUEL LAMAR MILLER, 09 Aug 1827, Laurens Co. GA; b. 1796, SC8.



One source I have says her full name was Mary Amarintha Clark and that she was called Polly. 



Burial: Miller Family Cemetery Near Cedar Grove



On the 1850 census for Laurens Co., GA shows --

Samuel Miller is 55 yo farmer b. SC

Mary is 37 yo b. Ga

John 20 yo Farmer b. GA

Elizabeth 17 yo b. GA

Anastatia 14 yo b. GA

Rebecca 12 yo b. GA

Dicey D. 9 yo b. GA

Samuel K. 6 yo b. Ga

Lamar 4 mo old b. GA


In 1860 they have a child named Lafeyette who is 5 yo. b. GA.  Also living with them is Dicey C. who is 18, SAmuel K. who is 15, Lamar who is 10 and Lafeyette who is 5.


In 1870 Samuel is 74 yo and his wife is called Polly and she is 58.  Living with them are Lafayette who is 15, Lamar who is 20, Betsy who is 19, and Rebecca who is 5 months. old. I think Lamar is married and Betsy is his wife although on the 1880 census his wife is named Florence. 


Marriage Notes for MARY CLARK and SAMUEL MILLER:

John Daniels has their date of marriage as January 4, 1827 in Laurens Co., GA. 


                  v.    AMARINTHA CLARK, b. 01 Feb 1814, Laurens County GA8; d. Aft. 1890, Montgomery Co. GA; m. WILLIAM CLARK; b. 1806; d. Bef. 1895.



William was a minister and served in the Civil War.  Family legend is that he was nearsighted and would have been 59 years old when the war ended.  He was serving with a unit of the Georgia Militia and got separated from them in VA at wars end.  He walked back to GA and made it by asking for food and shelter at night.  Next morning he would ask someone to put him on the road to GA. 


While I have no way of knowing if this is the William Clark referred to, there is a posting in "The Dublin Post" on August 21, 1878 and taken from the "Montgomery News" that says -- "Mr. William Clark, one of the oldest settlers of this county, who has been a great hunter in his day, has kept an account of all the deer he has killed since he came here, and the amount is over fifteen hundred."  This may not be the right Wm. since he was supposed to be so nearsighted.  ;-) 


On the 1850 census for Montgomery county we find:

William Calrk 44 70 farmer property valued at $327 born in GA.

Amarintha 36 yo born in Ga

Henry S. 17 yo, farmer

Mary E. 14 yo

Amarintha R. 10 yo

Female name I can't read  who is 6 yo

Frances L. 5 yo

Hariet E. 2 yo

William  ----months old

John Mc 15 yo.


On the 1860 census for Montgomery county we find:

William Clark 54 yo former with property valued at $5802.

Amarintha 46 yo

Henry S. 27 yo

Matthew 25 yo

Rachel A.R. 20 yo

Sarah R. 23 yo

Frances L. 15 yo

Harriet C. 12 yo

Wm. H. 9 yo

Robert N. 7 yo

Emily J. 3 yo

James May 24 yo


                 vi.    MATTHEW CLARK, b. 07 Apr 1816, Laurens County GA; d. Abt. 22 Jul 1881, Sumter County, GA9; m. (1) URSULA A. S. HUDSON, 14 Jul 184210; b. 1816, Laurens County GA; d. 1869, Sumter County, GA11; m. (2) ELIZA BURCH, 19 Dec 187112; b. 1826; d. 23 Feb 1875; m. (3) ELIZABETH DARBY, 13 Dec 187213.



Matthew shows up on the 1850 census in Laurens Co. as below: (taken Oct. 2, 1850)

Matthew is 34 yo (value of real estate is $500)

Ursula is 34 yo

Leander is 7 yo

Columbia is 5 yo

Newton is 4 yo

Mary is 3 yo

Matthew shows up on the 1850 slave schedule as owning 12 slaves,


According to the obit for Leander Clark, July 1864, Matthew moved to Sumter County in 1857.


In 1860 they are living in Sumter Co., GA as per the census: (Taken July 4, 1860)

Matthew is 43 yo (Value of real estate $4000 & value of personal estate $15850??)

Ursula is 43 yo       They are living in the 26th district -- Plains of Dura.

Leander is 16 yo

Columbia is 15 yo

Newton is 13 yo

Mary is 11 yo

Green is 9 yo

Matthew T. is 2 yo.

On the 1860 slave schedule Matthew owned 20 slaves. 


In 1870 they are in the City of Americus, 27th district, Sumter Co., GA: (taken Jue 21, 1870)   

Matthew is 54 yo (value of real estate is $4000 & value of personal estate is $2000)

Columbia is 24 yo

Mary V. is 21 yo

Greene H. is 19 yo

Tallulah is 11 yo. 

Living in Americus is a Newton Clark, MD who is 23 yo and is, I'm sure, Matthew's son. 


In 1880 Matthew has remarried and shows up still in Americus:

Mathew is 64 yo

Elizabeth is 58 yo

Columbia is 17 yo  (This age is clearly an error.  Census taker probably didn't see her. Columbia was ill and was probably in bed.  She died soon after this.)

Mary V. is 27 yo

Charles is 26 yo

Newton is 6 yo.  Grandson

female is 1 month old Granddaughter

Can't find the older Newton Clark. 



In the Smallwood book it is said that Elizabeth, his second wife, died in 1875 but there is an Elizabeth living with Matthew in Sumter County on the 1880 census.  She is either 50 or 58 years of age.  (We have been led to believe this was Elizabeth Birch Calhoun Caldwell.)  This appears to a conflict of information that needs to be resolved.  In the Weekly Sumter Republican dated 12/13/1872 there is a notice of the marriage of Mr. Mathew Clard (sp?) of Sumter county to Mrs. Elizabeth Darly (sp?) of Macon County.  I can't help but wonder if he married twice after the death of Ursula OR were these two Elizabeths the same person?  I also found a notice of Eliza Cadwell marrying a John M. Clark on Dec. 19, 1871in Laurens County.  Over the years this is the marriage that people have said was for our Matthew.  I don't think so. 


Mathew died sometime in July of 1881.  This is based on his obit being published in the Sumter Republican on July 22, 1881.  Here is this obit:


In memory of Mathew Clark, born in Laurens county, Ga., April 3d, 1817, died at his residence near Magnolia Springs in the same State where he had lived upwards of twenty years.  (My note:  Magnolia Springs is a section of Sumter County near the border with Webster and Marion Counties.)  How transitory and fleeting is the life of man, often when deeply interested in terrestrial cares he is swept from existence.  For a long time the health of this gentleman has been that of a delicate and declining nature but it was not until about the middle of April that he was strictly confined to his room and compelled to lay aside all business.  'Tis useless to try to throw any lustre upon the beauty of his character; the records he left bespeak for him volumes of applause, if we endorse the sentiment, "An honest man the noblest work of God."  In the preson of Mathew Clark, there was embodied such traits of character as won for him the love and respect of all true men and women.  He was of a cheerful and happy disposition, looking at all times upon the bright side of everything, even when he saw that his sojourn here was well nigh ended, he said: "It's all right, I'm not afraid to die."  He had been a member of the M.E. church about forty years, proving at all times a zealous and worthy christian.  A conscience that knew no law but principle, a mind bold, independent and decisive, a disposition to be at peace with his fellowman, marked the outlines of his character.  No man ever made clearer demonstrations of the boundless estimation he placed upon integrity, honesty of purpose and every other moral virtue than did the subject of these remarks.  He has often been heard to say. "I had rather be wronged than to wrong."  No one can trace him back to a deed that would reflect discredit to his ashes, or approach his grave save with homage and respect.  And to live to a good old age, to wander through this world of vanity, misrule and contention where the merciless lips of the deceiver and the tongue of the slanderer are continually at play, and die without a blotch or stain upon the moral character, is truly sublime.  The firm belief he cherished in the goodness of God, the immortality of the soul, and the endless felicity which his dissolation would unfold to his gaze dispelled the dreary shadows of death and reflected undimed luster upon the path that leads from earth to heaven.  Would that we had language to do justice to one so deserving, one upon the knee of whom we learned the lessons of piety, and the beauty of moral virtue.  Alas! too often it has been the case that our feelings have moved us to express our sorrows relative to our pure and holy dead the nearest and tenderest ties of earth, One by one they left us until we "Feel like one who treads alone Some banquet hall deserted, Whose lights are fled, whose garland dead, And all but he departed."  While the past is ever before us, with its bright and sunny scenes, when we think 'tis gone it presents a picture around which we would fain draw the curtain of forgetfulness, since these blessings are now the gall of our soul.  Pure and blesses dead, how dark and dreary looks this world when memory wonders back and catches the sparkling glance that made our home an Eden, while your spirits are in yon heave, basking in the splendor of endless day, we humbly ask that the placid rays of the siderial words as they quietly steal to sleep upon the lap of the earth, may give glitter and glare to the dew drops as they hang upon the flowers that stand weeping 'round your grave.  C. C.


As of this date, February 2004, I do not know where Matthew is buried.  Some people say he is buried in Laurens County but I doubt it.


C. H. Clark applied to be the administrator of Matthew's estate in Oct. 1881.  I assume C. H. Clark is Charles Clark who appears on the 1880 census living with Matthew.  Charles is listed as a widow and Matthew's son.  ICharles died very soon after Matthew.  In May 1882 J. H. Black is made temporary administrator for C. H. Clark.  In June 1882 Black petitions the court to distribute the estate of Matthew Clark.  In July J. H. Black is made the permament administrator for C. H. Clark.  I have a copy of a court record when Matthews land was distributed to Mrs. M. F. Cowart and the children of C. H. Clark, Fannie Clark and Newton C. Clark.  (Date not on document as of April, 2004.) 


Matthew's land was located North of Plains, GA and near Youngs Mill Pond in the 26th Land District. (See map.) Mrs. M. F. Cowart received lot # 40 (202 1/2 a), 50 acres of of the south west corner of lot # 58, 100 acres off the west side of lot # 57, the north half of lot #41 (101 3/4 acres), 20 acres off the south west corner of lot # 41, and 13 acres off lot # 11 located nuroth of the road leading from Americus to Lumpkin.  This land was valued at $1800.00.  The two children of C. H. Clark received lot # 16 which was located in Webster County, lot #9 in the Sumter County (2021/2 acres), south half of lot #8 in Sumter county (101 1/4 acres), and the north half of lot # 24 in Sumter County (101 1/4 acres).  This land was valued at $1800.00. 


The sale of C. H. Clark's belongings which I assume had been Matthew's estate was completed in April 1883.  It is interesting to note that Mrs. M. F. Cowart bought the spinning wheel, a horse, and a wash stand.  G. D. Clark (kin?) bought 4 books, 2 horses, a table, a coffee mill and a jug.  Albert Clark (kin?) bought 2 smoothing irons, and Eli Lindsey (kin?) bought a grain cradle, a safe and a heifer. 


In January J. H. Black is dismissed as administrator for C. H. Clark's estate and made permament administrator for M. G. Clark and he ran the farm for the benefit of the children. 


Notes for URSULA A. S. HUDSON:

John Daniels had a copy of the will for John Hudson listing children as follows:  James, Sarah, Mary, Ersurlar, Huldah, Corinue, Leander, Green, Newton.  All the daughters property was given to Ira Stanley in trust for them. 


According to Jo Clark Hannah, Tampa FL, Ursula was a Weaver and married a Hudson.  John Daniels did not think so.  John said he did not think "Clark would have named three of his four children by her after her first husband's family -- I think she was a Hudson."  I do, too.


Notes for ELIZA BURCH:

Larry Clark's unk. source says Elizabeth was the widow of Joel Caldwell (Cadwell) when Matthew Clark married her.  She also had been married to Stringer Calhoun prior to Joel Cadwell. This is also in the Samllwood book on the Burch family.  Her son by a Mr. Calhoun filed for dismission of the estate in 1879.  I am doubting that Eliza actually married this particular Matthew Clark.  I'm looking for some proof.  There were other Matthew Clarks living in the Laurens/Montgomery County area. 


I did find the following on a film of the Ordinary Court of Laurens County:  "It appearing to the court that Eliza Calhoun duly qualified guradian of Sarah A. Calhoun, Benjamin H. Calhoun and Charlotte Calhouns has recently intermarried with one Joel D. caldwell, its is ordered by the court that the letter of Guardianship granted to her having abated by such mariage be and the same ? revoked and the said Joel D. Caldwell with whom she intermarried appearing in open court at the regular term and desiring letter of Guardianship and tendering bond with Joseph Adams and John H. Burch as security in the sum of fifteen hundred dollars for each name as aforsaid, it is ordered that letters of Guardianship bor each of said name      to him."


I have found a record of an Eliza Cadwell marring a John M. Clark on Dec. 19, 1871 but I doubt this is Matthew.  I'll leave it in for now but seriously doubt it is true. 



Burial: New Hope Cemetery, Laurens Co., GA



I may be stretching it to say this that Elizabeth is the wife of Matthew Clark but here is my thinking.  Matthew is a widow on the 1870 census.  In 1880 he is married to a woman named Elizabeth.  Supposedly Matthew's second wife was Eliza Burch Calhoun Cadwell and she died in 1875, or so I'm told.  But, in the Macon County newspaper, Weekly Republican of 13 Dec. 1872, there is a marriage listed for Mathew Clard (sp?) of Sumter County to Mrs. Elizabeth Darley (sp?).  There are no DARLYs on the 1870 census for Macon County but there is a widow named Elizabeth Darby who is 40 years old born in SC.  On the 1880 Matthew's wife is named Elizabeth born in SC and she is 50 years old.  (It is hard to read her age -- it could be 58)  Anyway, until proven otherwise I am accepting the facts as listed above. When did Elizabeth die?  Unknown as of 4/21/04.  She was on the census in 1880 but there is no mention of her in the obit for Matthew when he died in July of 1881.  She is also not mentioned in the settlement of the estate. 


                vii.    ELIZABETH CLARK, b. 25 Apr 1818, Laurens County GA14; d. 04 Apr 1895, Prob. Montgomery Co GA14; m. JOHN JACOB ASKER GAY; b. 08 May 1812, Laurens Co., GA14; d. 22 Mar 1874, Laurens Co., GA14.



I found a record in the Ordinary Court Minutes dated April 8, 1890 -- N. F Gay and C. M. Gay are asking the court for help in managing the estate of John Gay for whom they were the executors.  They say that John left Elizabeth, his wife, "a life estate " and that 12 months have passed since the death of Elizabeth Gay.  They now have in their possession certain lands belongint to her estate -- # 73, #74, and #47 each containly 202 1/2 acres.  They list the following heirs at law of John Gay -- N. F. Gay, C. M. Gay, Emanuel Gay, Nancy E. Burch, Alfred Gay, E. C. Burch, A. A. L. R. Burch, Emily Burch and John J. A. Gay.  They say that said John J. A. Gay has died and that he was an idiot and required care from his birth to his death expending his part of the estate and more.  They are asking the judge to have the other heirs come before the court to submit to the settlement of the estate.  It seems the executors want to either divide the land or sell it and divide the money.  The other heirs do not want this to happen.  I'll try to follow up on this case to see what happened. 



Burial: Old Cedar Grove Cemetery, Laurens County, GA



John Daniels wrote the following in his notes:  "This cemetery is across the branch from the log house built by Cornelious Morgan Clark where I was born and raised.  This was to be the site of the first Ceder Grove Methodist Church.  From the front of the house go north across teh branch and up the hill for about 1-2 miles total.  There was a house near there when I was a boy, but I can not remember who lived there.  The only marked graves are Jacob Asker GAy and Elizabeth Clark Gay, however, I remember several graves with stone markers as a child.  My memory may be faulty on this, but it seems clear.  I don't know if there were cut stones -- probably only large field rocks, however, I remember them as being while in color.  Somewhere along the way people lost interest in maintaining this cemetery.  It now is in a woods and is not even marked.  A shame!"


There is a lot of confusion regarding why this gentleman changed his name.  But it is documented in the GA STate Legislative Records that he changed his name from Jacob Holden to Jacob Gay on December 24, 1842.  At the same time, John Nathaniel Holden changed his name to Gay, Sarah Dawson changed her name to SArah GAy, and John Holden changed his name to John Gay.  I have a file on this.

Will of John Gay dced


State of Georgia Laurens County


In the name of God Amen


I John Gay of said State and County being of advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart this life, deem it right and proper both as respects my family and myself that I should make a disposition of the property with which a kind provider has blessed me -- Do therefore make this my last will and testament -- hereby revoking all others heretofore made by me.


Item 1st -- I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian like manner, suitable to by circumstances and condition in life - My soul I trust shall return to Lord who gave it - as I hope for eternal salvation through the merits and atonement of the blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Item 2nd -- I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay by my executors herein after appointed as I am unwilling my creditors should be delayed in their rights -- especially as there is no necessity for delay


Item 3rd -- I give bequeath and devise to my beloved wife Elizabeth Gay with whom I have lived thirty five years, after my just debts are paid, then the balance of my entire estate except three town lots known as nos 24, 25, & 26 on the corner of Oak Street in the Town of Eastman, Dodge County Georgia and one Gray (?)mare three years of age which I want my son Alfred Gay to have.  The said lots of land with all the improvements and said Gray mare and then the balance of my entire property, cattle and sheep and hogs, household and kitchen furniture and provisions of all kind and all implements (?) and oxen and carts and all other vehicles belonging to the place, together with the entire improvements belong to my estate.  Also all money and debts belonging to my estate which I want my wife Elizabeth Gay to have.  All the above mentioned (articles) property to her own use free from all charges or limitations whatever to her own proper use, benefit and behoof forever during her !

 natural life and after her death I want my entire Estate both real and personal to be divided as follows to wit:


My Son N. F. Gay has had given by myself previous to this will one black mare valued at Esp--- (?) dollars $80.00, Twelve head cattle worth five dollars per head 60.00


My Son J. J. A. Gay I have never given anything.


My Son C. M. Gay has been given by myself one bay Horse worth two hundred dollars -- 200.00

Two head of cattle five dollars each -- 10.00

One lot of land worth twenty dollars -- 20.00

One set of Blacksmith tools worth twenty dollars 20.00

One Gun(?) worth two dollars                    10.00


My Son Emanuel Gay has had given by myself one bay horse worth two hundred dollars               200.00

Two head of cattle worth five dollars each      10.00


My Son Alfred Gay has had nothing given him only what has been mentioned in the above will, which I want him to have and then a equal part with the balance of my heirs.  At my wifes death only the gray mare that is mentioned in this will is to go towards his part as the property that has been given the other heirs. Also five head of cattle worth five dollars    25.00


My daughter Emily has had given her by myself ten head of cattle (at) worth five dollars per head  50.00


My daughter A. A. L. R. Gay now the wife of H. M. Burch forty two head of cattle worth five dollars per head                                          210.00 

Fifteen hundred dollars on payment of some negroes


one lot land worth 200.00                      200.00


My daughter Nancy E. Gay now the wife of A. L. Burch four hundred dollars in money                  400.00

Ten head of cattle worth five dollars each      50.00


My daughter (can't read her first name but it looks like Telaes) ---- V. Gay has never had anything at all given her


The above mentioned heirs are the lawful heirs of my esate and the above particulars show what every heir has had given to them by me and at the expireation (?)of my wife's life.  I want those that have had the least given them to be made up equal with those that have had the most if there is property enough to make them equal, but if not I don't want those that have had the property given them to be disturbed, and if there is anything left after all are made equal then to be equally divided between all the heirs.


I hereby appoint my trusty and worthy sons N. F. Gay and C. M. Gay my executors and trustees of my said wife Elizabeth Gay and Alfred Gay and L. V. Gay. minor heirs and my son J. J. A. Gay.  I hereby constitute and appoint said N. F. Gay and C. M. Gay executors of this my last will and testament this March 15th 1874


He made his mark.


Signed sealed delivered and published by John Gay as his last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribed who subscribed our names hereto in the presence of said testator at his special instance and request and of each other

This 15th day of March 1874.

John M. Clark, Sr.

J. M Lowry

D. W. Purvis

J. S. Thomas J.P.


Georgia Laurens County

I do solemly swear that this writing contains the true last will and testament for the within named John Gay deceased, so far as I know or belive and that I will well and truly execute the same in accordance with the laws of this state, so help me God.

Sworn & subscribed before me in open court this 11th Day of May 1874

J. B. Wolfe, ordy


Signed by Nathanial F. Gay and C. M. Gay


Recorded this 11th day of May 1874

K. H. Walker Clerk C.O.


I have a copy of the inventory of the estate for John Gay dated June 19, 1874.  While I won't list everything I will note a few things:  He owned lots of land #s 47, 74, and 73 in the 12th district; he had 156 head of cattle, 5 horses and mules, 60 hogs, and 12 sheep.   He also owned a store house, dwelling house and enclosure in the town of Eastman, Dodge County, valued at $1000.00.  N. F. Gay and C. M Gay were his executors. 



Burial: Old Cedar Grove Cemetery, Laurens County, GA


               viii.    HARLOW CLARK, b. 15 Jun 1820, Laurens County GA; d. 08 Jul 1858, Montgomery Co. GA; m. RACHEL MAGGIE GILLIS, 02 Sep 1841, Montgomery County, GA; b. 27 Dec 1818, Cumberland, NC; d. 06 Dec 1912, Glenwood, Wheeler County, GA.



Harlow Clark's obituary apppeared in the Southern Recorder, Milledgeville, Ga, on July 20, 1858.  It read: Died in Montgomery County, on Thursday, the 8th instant, Harlow Clark, aged 31 years.  Deceased was a good man and citizen in all relations of life, and the death of no one is this community would, perhaps, have been more generally regretted.  A Friend


Lived on a 400 acre farm west of Glenwood, GA


On the 1850 census Harlow appears in Montgomery County and he is 31 years old and born in GA.  His wife Rachael is 31 years old and born in SC.  The children are - John F. 7 years old, William 6 years old, Ambrose 4 years old, Jane N. 2 years old, and Harlow 2 months old.  There are middle initials for William and Ambrose that look like Ls but they should be Fs. 


On the 1860 census Rachel is 41 yo and has property valued at $6385.

John F. is 18 yo

Wm. F. is 16 yo

Ambrose F. is 14 yo

Jane N. is 12 yo

Harlow B. is 10 yo

Mary A. is 7 yo

Catharine is 6 yo

Francis is 1 yo.



Harlow died at the age of 31.  On the 1860 census we find Rachel living with her children -- Rachel is 41 yo, John F. is 18 yo, Wm F. is 16 yo, Ambrose F. is 14 yo, Jane N. is 12 yo, Harlow B. is 10 yo, Mary A. is 7 yo, Catharine  is 6 yo and Francis is 1 yo. 


On the 1870 census she has married  James McMillan. James is 55 yo in 1870.  Living with him is Rachel who is 51 yo, Harlow B. Clark who is 20 yo, Mary A Clark who is 18 yo, Catherine B. who is 15 yo and Francis B. who is 11 yo.  There were no children by the second marriage.


By 1880 it appears that James his died.  She is61 years old and living with her son Francis who is farming.  He is 21 years old.  Living with them is Emily McMillan who is black and listed as a servant.  I haven't found Rachel on the 1900 census but by 1910 she is living with her daughter Catherine who married John Washington Morrison.  Rachel is 91 years old.  She lived to be 96 years of age.  She was buried by Harlow in the Glenwood Cemetery. 


                 ix.    AMELIA CLARK, b. 15 Aug 1822.

                  x.    GEORGE FLOURNOY CLARK, b. 02 Oct 1824, Laurens County GA; d. 23 May 1880, Colquitt Co. GA; m. (1) HARRIET B. LINDSEY, 27 Dec 1849; b. 05 Jan 1827; d. 07 Aug 1858; m. (2) CYNTHIA WILLIS, 23 Jul 1863; b. 01 Mar 1828; d. 14 Nov 1908.



Mitzi Bateman says her Father told about Flournoy going to visit an Uncle in Mississippi.  He evidently planned to live with him, but returned to GA and lived with his Uncle Eli's family.  The reason he left MS was supposedly because of his Uncle having slaves.  Of note, Flournoys parents also had slaves as did some of his siblings, John GNF for example.  We have not been able to identify this Uncle from MS.  It is assumed he was John Clarks brother, but I suppose he could have been a brother of Emelia Sikes Clark.


Shawn Clark writes that Flournoy was baptized and united with the Clark Baptist Church in Montgomery County (now Wheeler County) on Dec. 9, 1842.  He converted to the Methodist faith and became very active in church work.  He was a country preacher and supplied pulpit appointments and preached at camp meetings.


In the book  "Wellsweep Country, A BIT OF COLQUITT COUNTY AND NORMAN INSTITUTE"  by George Elton Clark. (Lang Printing Co., Tifton, GA 1984) you find the following information about Flournoy.


Page 11, "The preacher who led this group (at Mt. Zion School) was Rev. Flournoy Clark, who was a Methodist minister and had organized Leila Methodist Church and Weeks Chapel Methodist Church."

Page 31, "Flournoy Clark is listed as the P.M. (post master) at Ti Ti, GA in 1860.  At that time he lived on LL #72 in the 9th District near head of Big Branch.  This was about one mile southwest of Ty Ty Creek at the nearest point..."

Page 35, "Flournoy Clark, my grandfather, who was a Methodist minister, has been named as the leader in organizing and the constitution of Leila Methodist Church and the Weeks Chapel Methodist Church - both in the early 1950's.  He also gathered the people on one Saturday and Sunday of each month at the old Deep Bottom School House for worship services and preaching, but he never did constitute a church there."


He was mustered into the CSA August 4, 1863 at Moultrie, GA.  He was 1st Sargent in Captain Tillman's Company, 11th Regt., GA Cavalry, State Guards, CSA.  (according to John Daniels)  He rose to the rank of sergeant.  he represented Colquitt County in the 1865 State Constitutional Convention that voted to re-admit Georgia to the Union. 


Huxford, Pioneers of Wiregrass, Vol 6, page 48 says that "Flournoy Clark was born in LAurens Co., GA on Oct.ber 2, 1824, son of John and Amelia Clark.  He came to Lowndes Co., in 1849, and was shortly afterwards married December 27, 1849 to his Cousin, Harriet Lindsey, daughter of John Lindsey.  She was born Jan 5, 1827 and died about 1859.  They had five children. "  Harriet Lindsey grandmother was Hester Clark.  John Daniels says "this would seem to prove the belief of M. L. Clark and myself that Hester, John and our Henry were brother and sister."


I found a note in the Clark vertical file at the GA Archives that says Flournoy Clark was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1865 from Colquitt County. 

He served as a Justice of the Peace in the 1020th District from 1856 - 1865 and in the 1184th District from 1865 - 1869. 


Flournoy is buried in far back left corner of Leila Cemetery which is located 6 miles south of Omega, 5 1/2 miles west of Lenox, and 8 miles north of Ellenton, GA.  Leila Methodist Church is on the property. We have pictures of his tombstone and grave covering.  The following is the inscription:

Head stone:  Flournoy Clark

Oct. 2, 1824

May 23, 1880


His toils are past,

His work is done.

He fought the fight

The victory won.


On the grave covering:


Rev Flournoy Clark joined the church

at (word worn away) Church Montgomery Co., GA

Dec. 9, 1842, Baptized by Rev. M. R. Simmons

P. E. on the Jeffersonville Dist

3rd Sunday in Oct. 1846


The first two letters of the word that is worn away appear to be Ol.  ML Clark thinks the word might be Olivette.  He says there was a  Mt. Olivett Church located just south of Cedar Grove. He says it was located in what used to be Montgomery County but is now Dodge County. 


I found a note in the Clark vertical file at the GA Archives that says Flournoy Clark was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1865 from Colquitt County. 


1850 Census for Lowndes County: Flournoy Clark is 25 years old and wife Harriet is 23 years old.  He owned Land Lots 72 and 113 in the 8th District of lowndes County.  This district was detached from Lowndes and was placed in Colquitt County upon its' creation in 1856. 


1860 census for Colquitt County:  Flournoy is 35 years old and the only living with him is Eliza E who is 7 years old.  On the slave scheudle for 1860 Flournoy owned 5 slaves. 


1870 census for Colquitt County:  Flournoy is 45 yo, Cynthia is 42 yo, Emily is 16 yo, Henry is 11 yo, George is 6 yo, Cynthia is 4 yo Gustavus is 2 yo and there is a "Baby"  who is 2 months old. 



Burial: Leila Cemetery, Colquitt County, GA15



Burial: Leila Cemetery, Colquitt County, GA15



Cynthia is buried in Lelia Cemetery in Colquitt County, GA.  Her grave marker has the following inscription:


Cynthia Clark

Mar. 17, 1828

Feb. 14, 1908


She was a tender

Mother here

And in her life

The Lord did



I have pictures of her grave. 


1880 census for Colquitt county:  Cynthia is 52 yo widow, George F. is 16 yo, Cynthia is 14 yo, Roswell is 12 yo, and Rachell is 10 yo. 


                 xi.    FRANCIS MARION CLARK, b. 06 Dec 1825, Laurens County GA; d. 01 May 1864, Atlanta, GA; m. ELEANOR EUGENIA INGRAM, 24 Jun 1847, Jefferson, GA16; b. 16 Sep 1828; d. 17 Nov 1885.



On the 1850 slave schedule Francis M. owned 9 slaves.  By 1860 he still owned 9 slaves. 


He enlisted August 4, 1863 as a Private, Company H., 63 Rgt., GA Volunteer Infantry.  He was killed at the Battle for Atlanta and is  buried at Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA.  According to the document by Dr. Bush called The Clark Family (in my file) Francis Marion Clark was Justice of the Peace of the 344th Dist., Laurens County, GA this making him exempt from military service, however, he believed that eventually he would be called into service and he decided it would be better to select his place of service.  He joined the artillary stationed near Savannah, GA on August 13, 1863 and remained there until about April 1864. We know he was in the General Hospital at Whitesville in Nov. and Dec. of 1863.  He was in the hospital again at Guyton, GA in Dec. 1863.  The last letter received from him was post marked Dalton, GA May 1, 1864.  Military records show that he died at the old Empire House, Atlanta, GA and is buried in Oakland Cemetery there.  Eleanor and Francis Marion had ten children. 


I think there is a will in Early Wills book 11, 1840 - 1869.  John Daniels mentions it and says that John GNF Clark and Henry S. Clark were executors of his estate.  The following is a transcription of the Will of Francis Marion Clark obtained from microfilm at the GA ARchives by myself:


Georgia Laurens County, In the name of God, Amen, I Francis M. Clark of said state and county being in good health and of sound dispossing mind, knowing that it is appointed to all men to die, Deeming it right and proper both as it respected myself and family that I should make some disposition of the property which a kind providence has blessed me.  I do therefore make this my last Will and Testament, here by revoking and annulling all others by me heretofore made.  

1st I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay by my Executor _____ ______ named and appointed. 

2nd I give bequeath and devise to my beloved wife Eleanor Clark all my entire Estate consiting of land and negroes, stock of all kinds, money, notes and accounts, housefold and kitchen furniture, and all my other property belonging to me not herein named, if any, to have and exercise ownership over and use as she may think best for herself and the benefit of my children exempt from contracts and controll of any future husband during her natural life time and then the right to dispose of as she may think proper among my lawful heirs. 

3rd. I hereby constiture and appoint my friend John G. N. F. Clark and Henry S. Clark Executors of this my last will and Testiment this March 3rd, 1863. 

Witnesses C. W. Thomas, G. B. Knight (his mark), S. M. Knight. signed by F. M. Clark

Signed sealed delivered and published by Francis M. Clark as his last will and testament in the presence of the subscribers who susscribed our names here in presence of each other and the Testator at his special request. 

G. W. Thomas, G. B. Knight (his mark), S. M. Knight

Georgia Laurens County.  Ordinarys Court February Term 1865 - The above last will and Testament of Francis M. Clark was produced in open Court _____ with G. W. Thomas and Sarah M. Knight Witnesses _____ _____ _____ sworn deposed and say that they saw the Testator Francis M. Clark sign seal publish and declare the within written instrument as his last will and Testament and that he was of sound mind and dispossing memory at the Execution of the same freely voluntarily and without any undue influence.  That they subscribed the same as witnesses in presence of Testator at his special  instance and request.\Signed George W. Thomas and S. M. Knight  Sworn to in Open Court this sixth day of February 1865 Washington Baker Ordinary.  Recorded Feb. 6th, 1865, Washington Baker ordinary. 


John Daniels had transcribed a letter that Francis wrote his family on February 7, 1864 from Thunderbolt, GA.  "To all at home I will say my health appears good.  I have improved the fastest I ever did in Flesh and strength & feels well.  Some says I am the fatest man in the regiment.  That bad bile is nearly well.  I have the biggest arm I ever had.  My flesh appears hard and firm and I think I am the heavyest I ever was.  The Yankees drove our men from their camp on Whitmarsh Island and took their camp and never interfered with anything they had in camp & left a man in our company shot & killed one of our men not in our Company & that was all the gun fired by our men.  The yankees throwed lots of lead at our men as they run & I don't know why they did not kill some of them.  The trees was hit thick & scattering balls was picked up after I got to them which was 3 days after I found one myself.  The officer have it.  The M. Knight place is the hardest land we have when dry.  The last years new ground should be broken up & then two plantings I think will make corn (when Spring comes)  Mrs. Clark the mill needs a ----roid.  Pland it the best you can.  For want of words I close.  Yours truly. Francis M. Clark  I received Bud's letter."


His records



Burial: Died during the seige of Atlanta and is buried in Oakland Cemetary, Atlanta, GA

Military service: Died in the battle of Atlanta, GA



Transcription of Eleanor's will found on microfilm at the GA Archives:


Georgia Laurens County, I Elenor Clark of said State and County being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and Testament. 

Item 1st.  I desire that all of my just debts be settled by my Executors herein after mentioned.

Item 2nd. I give and bequeath to my son Eary Clark Two Hundred Dollars in cash my entire stock of Hogs that I may have at my decease; my Clock and one Bed Bolster, pillows, Bed Stead and the necessary bed clothing to make the bed complete; also my ox cart.

Item 3rd. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elenor Barrows, wife of H. D. Barrows Two Hundred Dollars in Cash; one bedstead, Bed , Bolster and pillows; Loom, Spining Wheel and Reel.

Item 4th. I give and bequeath to my Three daughters Eugenia Joiner, Julia Woodard, Mary L. Joiner one Bed Bolster and Pillows, also one Bed stead, which I desire to be equally divided between the three above married daughters. 

Item 5th. I give and bequeathe to my Four daughters Eugenia Joiner, Julia Woodard, Mary L. Joiner and Eleanor Barrows the remainder of my Bed Clothing not mentioned in the above items which I desire to be equally divided between the four above named daughters.

Item 6th. I give and bequeathe to my daughter Eugenia Joiner one Horse Sid

Item 7th. I desire that two acres of land be reserved and forever exemp from any sale for a Grave Yard.  Said Two Acres to be laid off and posted by my Executor when the bodies of my son Seth E. Clark W. D. Joiner and others are now buried.

Item 8th. I desire the remainder of my Estate of whatever it may consist to be equally divided between my Children Eugenia Joiner, David J. Clark, A. B. Clark Julia Woodard mary L. Joiner, Luther M. Clark, Elenor Barrows, Early Clark.  If the amounts of the final distribution of the property should exceed the amount Two Hundred Dollars to each of the above named Children in this Item, then I desire the amount over the Two Hundred Dollars to each one, to also be divided with the Heirs of my deceased son S. E. Clark each of the Heirs having formerly received (with the exception of my son Early and my daugher Elenor which is provided for in former sections, Two Hundred Dollars and my son Seth E. Clark having received Four Hundred Dollars before his decease and I desire to make an equal distribution among all of my Heirs of this the residue of my property.

Item 9th.  I hereby constitute and appoint my Sons David J. Clark and Augustus B. Clark Executors of this my last Will and Testament This the 29th day of August 1885. Eleanor Clark

Signed declared and published by Eleanor Clark as her last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers who subscribe our names hereto in the presence of said Testator (at her instance and request) and of each other She signing in our presence and we signing in her presence. John T. Rogers, John F. Silass, L. H. Hudson


Laurens Court of Ordinary, December Adjourned Term 1885

Before me came L. H. Hudson and John F. Silass named as a Witness to the within Writing purporting to be Elenor Clark's last will and being duly sworn saith that they with J. T. Rogers at the request of Elenor Clark and in her presence did attest as witnesses the within writing as her Elenor Clark's will that the same was signed and published by Elenor Clark in the presence of J. T. Rogers John Silass and L. H. Hudson as her last Will.  That she was at the time of said attestation and signing by herself or sound and disposing mind and memory That she executed the within paper voluntarily.  John F. Silas  Leroy H. Hudson

Sworn to and subscribed before me December 10th 1885 John T. Duncan Ordinary


Laurens Court of Ordinary, December Adjouned at Term 1885

Whereas the last will and Testament of Eleanor Clark late of said County deceased has been proven in common form upon the evidence of L. H. Hudson and John F. Silas two of the subscribing witnesses to said Will.  It is therefore ordered considered and adjudged by the Court that said will of Elenaor Clark be admitted to Record in this Court in Common form and ordered to be Recorded and that D. J. Clark and A. B. Clark the nominated Executors of said Will be allowed to qualify as such and that upon thier taking the usual oaths of office that Letters Testamentary do issue to them in terms of the law.  December 14th 1885 John T Duncan, Ordinary

Recorded December 16th 1885, John T. Duncan, Ordinary.


I found a posting in the newspapaer "The Post" in Dublin, GA re the sale of the Executors.  It is dated Nov. 1, 1886 and signed by D. J. Clark and A. B. Clark.  In this notice they are selling land lots 179, 180, 183, & 204 (I think on the 204) and parts of two more lots - one I can't read and the other is #182.  All these lots are in the 18th district of Laurens County.  Found this in the court records and they are selling lots 208, 180, 183, and 177 each with 202 1/2 acres.  They also sold half of lot 209 and 150 a. of lot 182.  All lots in 18th district. 


I, also, have a copy of the inventory of Eleanor's Estate dated April 3, 1886.  This inventory does not identify the lots of land but says she has 1063 1/4 acres of land valued at $2126.50.



Burial: Clark-Dexter Cemetery, Laurens Co., GA



4.  HESTER ANN2 CLARK (UNKNOWN1)17,18 was born 13 Apr 1774, and died 04 Jul 1876 in Colquitt County, GA.  She married THOMAS LINDSEY19 1794, son of JOHN LINDSEY and SARAH WALKER.  He was born 1768 in Halifax, N. C., and died 1818 in Montgomery County, GA.



A Hester Lindsey is found on the 1820 census for Montgomery County and living with her is a one male 0-10 yo (Ashley), one male 16-26 yo (Benjamin), and one female 16-26 yo who we assume is Hester. This female between 16 and 26 could also be Sarah or Nancy if they were not already married. Hester should have been 36 years old so this doesn't fit but it is assumed to be her.  This doesn't quite fit with her children, either.  Where is Winnie who was abt. 5 years old?  Her two oldest sons, Robert and John were probably married. 


Hester shows up as winning land in the 1820 Land Lottery while living in Montgomery County.  She Won Lot 25-7 in Appling County.  The orphans of Thomas Lindsey also won Lot 99-15 in Early County.  Hester paid taxes in 1822 in Montgomery county.  It is recorded that there were 3 white people in the household in 1820. 


Hester supposedly moved to Lowndes County in 1824 accompanied by her married son Jack and her unmarried children.  They came with the Daniel McCranie, Sr. family.  She was living on the Lowndes/Irwin county line in present Berrien County in 1827. The census records don't jive with the actual for Hester.  I contacted Gwen and we tried to work it out but gave up.  Hester may have been lying about her age and/or she may have had some of her grand children living with her.  It is very confusing. 


After her children were grown she lived with her daughter, Winnie McCranie.  She is buried in Wilkes Graveyard in Adel, GA, Cook County.  One source says she died in Nashville, Berrian County, GA.


Hester was know as "Granny Lindsey" and she lived to be 102 years old. 



Thomas is named on a list of Rev. War soldiers who had lived in Montgomery County at one time but rendered their service in NC.  (page 348 of "The History of Montgomery County Georgia to 1918.) 


There is a Thomas Lindsey who was living in Martins District of Burke County who won a lot in the 1807 GA Land Lottery.  He won lot # 85 in the 15th District of Baldwin County.  John and Eli Cark (and prob. Henry) lived in Martin's District of Burke County at the same time.  It should be noted that there was also a Benjamin Lindsey living in Martin's District of Burke County who won Lot # 311 in District 21 of Wilkinson County in the 1807 Lottery.  Since Thomas named one of his children Benjamin I bet this is a relation. 


It is said that his marriage to Hester Clark was a second marriage but we do not know who his first wife was.  Some say they lived in Laurens County, though, and had children.  I find this hard to believe if Thomas and Hester married in 1794.  I doubt that any of the involved parties were even in Laurens county that early.


Thomas was supposedly killed by the Indians.  There is a marker at Community Calvary Holiness Church in Adel, Ga that has his DOB as 1768 and his death as 1816.  It also says he is buried in Montgomery County.  This cemetery was previously known as Old Wilkes Cemetery and before that was Bear Crreek.



                   i.    ROBERT3 LINDSEY, b. 1794, Burke County, GA20; d. 1847, Lowndes County, GA20; m. NANCY W.; b. 181420.



One source has Robert as being the child of Thomas Lindsey's first wife whose name is not known. 


                  ii.    JOHN JACKSON LINDSEY, b. 14 Oct 1796; d. 12 Jan 1858; m. MARY POLLY MCCRANIE, 18 Jun 1817; b. 04 Oct 179421.



On the 1820 census for Montgomery County there is a John Lindsey living next door to Hester Lindsey.  John has 1 male 0-10 yo, 1 male 16-26 yo, 1 female 16 - 26 years old. 


On the 1830 census for Lowndes County there is a John Lindsey and he has --

1 male under 5 yo -- prob. John Robert Makon

2 males 5-10 yo -- prob Thomas and Benjamin

1 male 15 -20 yo -- ?

1 male 30-40 yo -- Jack

2 females under 5 yo -- Nancy & ?

2 females 5-10 yo -- Eliza & ?

1 female 30-40 yo -- Mary


On the 1840 census for Lowndes County there is a John Lindsey with 4 males and 7 females. 


On the 1850 census for Lowndes County we find

John Lindsey 53 yo

Mary Lindsey 55 yo

Winnie E Lindsey 18 yo

Mary Lindsey 16 yo

Margaret Lindsey 14 yo


                 iii.    NANCY LINDSEY, b. 1799; d. 06 Feb 1881; m. JOHN IVEY.

                 iv.    SARAH ZANEY LINDSEY, b. 1800; d. 1881; m. JOSEPH JERNIGAN, 18 Feb 1817.

                  v.    BENJAMIN LINDSEY, b. 1802; d. 1891; m. ELENDER SHAW.

                 vi.    ASHLEY LINDSEY, b. 1811; d. 1880; m. MARTHA GIDDENS.

                vii.    WINNIE LINDSEY, b. 1815; d. 1890; m. DANIEL MC CRANIE, JR.22.



5.  ELI2 CLARK (UNKNOWN1) was born Bet. 1775 - 1780 in NC or SC, and died 1834 in Baker Co. GA.  He married SARAH COOPER? Abt. 1818.  She was born Abt. 1793 in SC, and died 14 Aug 1855 in Colquitt County.


Notes for ELI CLARK:

Eli (Ely) was living in Burke County, GA in 1803 when he registered for the 1805 Land Lottery.  He drew lot 107 in the 12th District of Wilkinson County.  This lot and district ended up being in Laurens County and lot 107 was not far from where John Clark, his brother, lived.  The records at the GA Archives do not indicate that he ever paid and registered this land.  He may have been living on it, though.  In 1834 this lot is bought by Peter Williams.  Eli may have been living in Jones County, Ga in 1820 based on the census but I doubt it.  We find documentation of Eli being on juries and serving as a witness in both Montgomery and Laurens counties up until 1822 when an Eli Clark served on the Petit Jury with John Clark.  He had moved to Thomas County by 1830.  He may have lived in that part of Thomas County that became Colquitt county.  His date of death in unknown but it was prior to 1840.  His burial place is unknown. 


His estimated date of death is based on the following notice found in the Milledgeville Recorder on Wednesday, June 26, 1834:  "Will be sold on Friday, the 11th next, at the late residence of Eli Clark, in Baker county, all the Perishable Property of said Eli, deceased, consisting of Cattle, Hogs Horse, household and kitchen Furniture, with a number of other articles to tedious here to mention - Sale to continue from day to day until all is sold - Terms on the day.  Eli B. Cooper, Adm'r"


There had been some question about whether or not Eli was a brother of John Clark b. 1768.  I discovered a reference to the fact that they were brothers in a court case in Laurens County.  There is a case documented in Laurens Co. when Claphrey Clark, son of John b. 1768, and some of his siblings protested the Administration of their fathers estate by Kenion Wright.  In those documents Kenion tells about Eli Clark borrowing some money from John Clark and they are referred to as brothers. Mitzi Bateman, a descendant of Eli, says her father told her they were brothers.  She said her father also told her that Flournoy Clark, son of John Clark b. 1768, at one time went to live with an Uncle in Mississippi.  He was opposed to slavery and left his Uncle in Mississippi to move back to live with his Uncle Eli Clark.   In addition, we have results of DNA testing that proves that Eli, John and Henry all descend from a common ancestor, probably a father.


More About ELI CLARK:

Children: Bet. 1820 - 1835, Eight children

Residence: Thoman Co. and Baker Co. GA


Notes for SARAH COOPER?:

The inscription on her tombstone reads "Sacred to the memory of Sarah Clark, wife of Eli, who departed this life August 14, 1855, at the age of 62 years. Blessed be the dead who die in the Lord."


The surname for Sarah is written as Cooper but this is not proven. 



Burial: Bridge Creek Primitive Church Cemetery in Moultrie, Colquit County, GA.


Children of ELI CLARK and SARAH COOPER? are:

                   i.    ELI ROBERT3 CLARK, b. 19 Mar 1820, Jones Co. Ga; d. 19 Oct 1905, Colquitt County, GA; m. ELIZABETH DOUGLASS, 14 Jul 1840, Thomas Co., GA23,24; b. SC; d. 29 Sep 1910, Colquitt Co. GA.



Mitzi Bateman writes that he sold his farm because he planned to go to Spain during the War Between the States.  Was unable to get a ship during the war.  After the war was over, his money was no good.  His great grandson, Robert Eli Clark remembers the rats making holes in the trunk that contained all the useless Confederate money.  Clint Smith, Robert Eli's uncle, says he used to buy syrup from Bob.  When asked about Bob, Clint replied that he was the sort of man who would talk to a child.  He told Clint that it was terrible how so many folk were moving into the area that a man couldn't free range his hogs any more. 



Burial: Bridge Creek Primitive Church Cemetery in Moultrie, Colquit County, GA.

Occupation: Farmer

Religion: Bridge Creek Primitive Church Cemetery in Moultrie, Colquit County, GA.

Residence: Lived in the area of the Bay Community about seven miles west of Moultrie in Colquitt Co. Ga



Burial: Bridge Creek Primitive Church Cemetery in Moultrie, Colquit County, GA.


                  ii.    MARION CLARK, b. 07 Aug 1822.

                 iii.    LEROY CLARK, b. 26 Apr 1825; d. 24 Feb 1865, Colquitt County, GA; m. LUCINDA LEWIS.


Notes for LEROY CLARK:

On the 1860 census for Mitchell County you find:

Leroy H. Clark 37 yo

Lucinda Clark, 24 yo

Tempey Clark, 5 yo

Morgan Clark, 4 yo

David Clark, 2 yo

John Clark, 1 yo



Burial: Bridge Creek Primitive Church Cemetery in Moultrie, Colquit County, GA.

Military service: Co. C. 11th Regiment Ga Calvary



Mitzi has Leroy marrying Lucinda.  I'm not sure where I got Annie Lewis.  I'll leave it for now.  Needs work.


                 iv.    SUSAN ANN CLARK, b. 04 Feb 1827; m. DAVID AYERS, SR., 14 Apr 1853.



Burial: Ayers Cemetery (Old Spring Hill) Hernando, FL


Notes for DAVID AYERS, SR.:

On the 1860 census for Mitchell County, GA, Gum Pond, you find:

David Ayres, 36 yo, b. in SC, property value of 2000/1000, Farmer

Susan Ayres, 33 yo

William Ayres, 6 yo

David Ayres, 4 yo

John Ayres, 1 yo

Mary Clark, 36 yo, hired help

Randall Clark, 26 yo, laborer  (this must be Susan's brother)


By 1870 census they are still in Mitchell County, GA:

David Ayres, 47 yo, porperty valued at 2000/8000

Susan Ayres, 44 yo

William Ayres, 16 yo

David Ayres, 14 yo

John Ayres, 11 yo

Wright Clark, 19 yo, farm laborer

Fannie Harbin, 16 yo, at home.  (who is this?)


                  v.    FRANCES CLARK, b. 07 Jun 1828; d. 12 Aug 1867; m. GRADY WEST.



Burial: Bridge Creek Primitive Church Cemetery in Moultrie, Colquit County, GA.


                 vi.    CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS CLARK, b. 27 Jun 183025; d. 29 Sep 1912, Mitchell Co. Ga; m. NANCY HAMPTON, 1852; b. Sep 183525; d. Cool Springs Cemetery, Colquitt Co., GA.



Known as Kit.  When the War Between the States ended he was quoted as saying, "General Lee may have surrendered, but I, sure as hell, am not going to surrender."



Burial: Shady Grove Cemetery, Mitchell Co., GA


                vii.    LUCINDA CLARK, b. 25 Nov 1831.

               viii.    RANDALL ODUM CLARK, b. 04 Oct 1834, Thomas Co. GA; d. 30 Nov 1904, Mason Co. Ga; m. MARY ELIZABETH ALLISON, 10 Mar 1861, Mitchell Co. GA.



Mitzi has him born Oct. 1, 1835.  Need to check this out. 



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Descendants of Unknown Clark #2



Generation No. 1


1.  UNKNOWN CLARK1 #2   Probably lived in the Brunswick County, VA area based on deposition by Drury Clark.  See notes for Drury Clark.



Children of UNKNOWN CLARK #2 are:

2.                i.    DRURY2 CLARK, d. 17 Dec 1799, Charleston, SC.

3.               ii.    NUN CLARK, d. Bef. 21 Jul 1790, Darlington District, SC.


Generation No. 2


2.  DRURY2 CLARK (UNKNOWN CLARK1 #2) died 17 Dec 1799 in Charleston, SC1.  He married (1) MISS SPARROW.    He married (2) ALICE WILCOX 03 Aug 1795 in Charleston, SC2


Notes for DRURY CLARK:

Drury may also be found spelled Drewry. 


We have no definite proof that this Drury was the father of our known Drury b. 1786  but have entered this way for serious consideration.  Tom and Mary Joe Clark say that family lore is that he was the father of Drury born 1786.  One thing that makes them believe this to be true is that the family has in their possession two Charleston coin silver spoons engraved with the letter "S."   They think this S stands for Sparrow -- the 1st wife of Drury -- and the spoons belonged to her.  Drury is a name that has continued to be used down through the generations in this branch of the Clark family. 


Mary Joe and Tom's mother, Gladys T. Clark had done estensive research and in her documentation she says that the older Drury had two children Drury b. 1786 and a girl named Martha who married Gordon Belser.  They note that this is an error -- Martha married Jacob Belser.


It is believed that Drury lived on the Black River, north of Lynches River near Camden.  He also may have run a stagecoach station and Inn at 12 mile station above Charleston.  Joe says that Drury was also somehow involved with the Indians according to family tradition. 


There is a depostion documented as being taken of Drury Clark in 1796 that is quoted below:

"State of South Carolina, Charleston District (I. S.)

Drury Clark being duly sworn deposeth that his father and mother lived in Brunswich(k) County near the boundary line between the states of North Carolina and Virginia where Almey Corvett then lived, that he hath frequently heard his mother speak of her and always said she was perfectly free, that her mother was a free Indian woman.  (signed) Drury Clark

Sworn to before me May 3, 1796 Cunningham J. Peace

Recorded 28th Feb. 1804"


This deposition makes us think we should be looking in Brunswick County, VA area for the parents of this Drury Clark. 


While Drury is listed as being buried by St. Phillips Church, Charleston, there is some question about the location of his grave.  He may be buried at Goose Creek.  He is listed on the church burial registry as "a stranger."


On the 1790 census for Camden District, Claremont County you find:


Clark, Drury

Free white males 16 years and older including head of family -- 1

Free white males under 16 years -- 1

Free white females including head of families -- 4

All other free persons 0        Slaves 0

Clark, D.

Free white males 16 years and older including head of family -- 1

Free white males under 16 years -- 1

Free white females including head of families -- 1

All other free persons -- 0

Slaves -- 0



Burial: 17 Dec 1799, St. Phillips Church, Charleston, S.C.



In the SC Gazette it says Mrs. Alice Clark, widow of Drury Clark, married Mr. James Oliver. (7/2/1800)


Children of DRURY CLARK and MISS SPARROW are:

4.                i.    DRURY3 CLARK, b. 05 May 1786; d. 28 Aug 1820.

5.               ii.    MARTHA CLARK, b. Abt. 1783; d. 16 Apr 1855, Montgomery Co., AL.



3.  NUN2 CLARK (UNKNOWN CLARK1 #2) died Bef. 21 Jul 1790 in Darlington District, SC3.  He married UNKNOWN


Notes for NUN CLARK:

We have entered Nun Clark as a sibling of Martha and Drury without absolute proof.  We are doing this in order to keep it out for consideration.  The info re the children of Nun is taken from his estate papers.

Nun  was paid for service in the Rev. War serving with "Marion's Men." 

Nun bought property on High Hill Creek in Darlington County in July 1787.  At this time Darlington was in the Cheraws district.  A Mr. Horace Rudisil, now deceased, from Darlington County told Tom Clark that the property owned by Nun is located today in the area of the Magnolia Ball in Florence, SC. 

On July 21, 1790 James Russel the Elder applied to be administrator of the estate of Nun Clark.  He appointed Andrew Hunter, Isaac Hill, Solomon Morgan, and ARch. McBride to do the estate inventory on Nov. 23, 1790.  An inventory is documented. 

On July 2, 1796 we find that Sarah Taylor, dgt. of Nun Clark and wife of Robert Taylor, sold her 1/4 th of the Nun Clark land to Stephen Gardner.  Recorded 1809. 

On July 2, 1796 we find that Elizabeth Turner, dgt. of Nun Clark and wife of John Turner, sold her 1/4th part of the Nun Clark land to Stephen Gardner.  Recorded 1809.

On Nov. 25, 1800 we find that Sabra Gardner, dgt of Nun Clark and wife of John Gardner, sold her 1/4th part of the Nun Clark land to Stephen Gardner.  Recorded 1809.

Then on Nov. 20, 1804 John Gardner and Rob Taylor were appointed Administrators for the Estate of Nun Clark.  I'm not sure what happened re the first inventory and this one.  I don't have a copy of the second inventory but on Nov. 29, 1804 Eli King, Rasha Cannon, Daniel Polk and Joshua Gardener are appointed to do the inventory. 

Finally, on March 6, 1809 Stephen Gardner sold 250 acres to John Standard and it includes the land metioned above..  In this deed we find mention of the 1/4 part of the Nun Clark land that was given to Mary Clark, his daughter.  It says she had previously deeded it to Rasha Cannon. 


Children of NUN CLARK and UNKNOWN are:

                   i.    SARAH3 CLARK4, m. ROBERT TAYLOR.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH CLARK4, m. JOHN TURNER.

                 iii.    SABRA CLARK5, m. JOHN GARDNER.

                 iv.    MARY CLARK6.

Generation No. 3


4.  DRURY3 CLARK (DRURY2, UNKNOWN CLARK1 #2) was born 05 May 17867, and died 28 Aug 18207.  He married MARY BENNETT7 Abt. 1810.  She was born 21 Nov 17917, and died 16 Jun 18297.


Notes for DRURY CLARK:

Drury owned 17 mile house which he mortgaged in 1820. Mortgage paper and notes for purchase of slaves, and appointment of wife to settle his estate on record in Charleston, S.C. courthouse.

Mary Bennett Clark was appointed administrator of the estate of her "late husband, Drury Clark, of the Goose Creek Section". She put her two children in the Charleston Orphan House and married ___ Baldwin on 3/3/1822. Mr Reardon was then appointed to settle estate.




In the book "History and Records of the Charleston Orphan House 1790-1860" by Susan L. King I found the following notes about the children:


Clark, Drury Wilburn. Admitted March 21, 1822 aged five years by Mary B. Baldwin, mother.  Indentures expired July 18, 1838.  (K-24) Absconded, nd.  (RSOP, January 23, 1828)


Clark, Susan Judith. Admitted March 21, 1822 aged eight years by Mary B. Baldwin, mother.  Indentured to Mary Wood as a dosmestic January 27, 1825.  Indentures expired August 13, 1831.  (L. 12)


Joe Ferguson writes that she has documentation of the "rescue" of Wilburn and Susan from the orphanage by an Aunt Martha Clark Belser, wife of Jacob Belser, a lawyer in Charleston.  Joe is looking for confirmation that it was Martha Belser who rescued them and not her daughter. 


Children of DRURY CLARK and MARY BENNETT are:

                   i.    SUSAN JUDITH CLARK7, b. 13 Aug 18137.


The following note is found about Susan in the Charleston Orphanage book: 

Clark, Susan Judith.  Admitted March 21, 1822 aged 8 years by Mary B. Baldwin, mother.  Indentured to Mary Wood as a domestic January 27, 1825.  Indentures expired August 13, 1831.  (L. 12)


                  ii.    WILBURN DRURY CLARK, b. 18 Jul 18177; d. 16 Aug 18687; m. (1) SARAH LAVINIA MCCOY, 10 Apr 18427; b. 22 Mar 18157; d. 28 Aug 18487; m. (2) MARY CAROLINE MCCOY, 30 Nov 1848, Sumter County, S.C.7; b. 26 Nov 1814, Sumter County, S.C.; d. 02 Jun 1889, ?7.



Also spelled name as Drewry Clark  He lived near the Concord Church in Sumter county, SC. 


2 Wives were sisters


See petition of Susie Clark Anderson for United Daughters of Confederacy, No. 57 on Roll Book of Mercer Keith Chapter No 1351 dated August 22, 1917, located at Timmonsville, S.C.:

"I was born on the 12th day of February 1881 County Sumter State So.Car. Country U.S.A. I am the Granddaughter of Wilbourne D. Clark who belonged to Company J.W. Dragons Regiment Witherspoon State So. Carolina

Remarks: Wilburn D. Clark was stationed near Columbia, S.C. at Camp Hampton. So. Carolina Reserves."

 On the 1850 census for Sumter County

Wilburn D. Clark, 34 yo, value of estate $700.

Mary C. Clark, 36 yo  (Mary is his second wife.)

 Of interest his children by his first wife are not living with him.  You find them living with Sarah McCoy as below:

1850 census, Sumter County taken Sept 18, 1850

# 914

Saray McCoy, 73 yo

Sophronia McCoy, 44 yo

Mary S. McCoy, 7 yo

Susan C. McCoy, 5 yo

Martha B. McCoy, 4 yo

Sarah L. McCoy, 2 yo  The Children are listed with last name of McCoy but they are obviously Wilburn D. Clark's children.  By the 1860 census they are listed as Clarks.


1860 census for Sumter County taken on Aug. 2, 1860

Wilburn D. Clarke, 44 yo, born in SC, Value of estate $950, Value of personal property $3500.

Mary C. Clarke, 46 yo

Joseph D. Clarke, 10 yo

Jane B. Clarke, 7 yo

Henrietta C. Clarke, 5 yo


The children by his first wife are living with Sophronia McCoy.

1860 census for Sumter county


Sophronia McCoy, 57 yo farmer, value real estate $500.  Value of personal estate $6500.  b. in Sc

Mary C. Clarke, 18 yo

Catherine Clarke, 15 yo

Martha Belsor Clarke, 13 yo

Sarah Clarke, 11 yo



5.  MARTHA3 CLARK (DRURY2, UNKNOWN CLARK1 #2) was born Abt. 1783, and died 16 Apr 1855 in Montgomery Co., AL8.  She married JACOB BELSER.  He was born 23 Nov 1781 in Charleston, SC, and died 26 Mar 1833 in Sumter Co., SC9.



We are showing Martha as a sister to Drury without absolute proof.  We do know that an Aunt Martha Belser "rescued" (or had them rescued) the children of Drury Clark b. 1786 from an orphanage in Charleston in the 1820s.  One of the boys, Wilburn Drury, named one of his daughters Martha Belser after this aunt.  This is a family story and seems credible.  I did find an entry about the Children in the book. "History and Records of the Charleston Orphan House 1790-1860" by Susan L. King.  It says they "absconded" but does not give a date. 



Jacob Belser was a lawyer in Charleston.  His father was Christian Belser and he owned land in Goose Creek, SC.  In a biographic sketch about his son, James Edwin Belser, it says that James was born in Charleston, SC, in 1805.  He moved to Sumter District, SC with his parents in 1820. 

Evidently, Jacob became interested in being a planter and so moved to Sumter Co.  His bought the property that was Melrose plantation in 1813 from Christopher Williman.  This land became Poinsett State park.  It is written that in his old age after advancing property to his children he still owned Melrose and 85 slaves.  In his will it says that he had already given property to his three oldest children upon their marriage.  In his will he leaves property to his three younger children and wife. 

His tombstone is located at Bloom Hill Cemetery which is located on the Milford Plantation property, not far from Poinsett Park.  It says -- Jacob Belser, by his affectionate wife Martha Belser Died 26th March 1833, aged 51 years, 4 mo. and 3 days. 


Children of MARTHA CLARK and JACOB BELSER are:

                   i.    JAMES EDWIN4 BELSER10, b. 22 Dec 180511.

                  ii.    WILLIAM STATES BELSER12, b. 1806.

                 iii.    CAROLINE BELSER12.

                 iv.    JUNIUS J. BELSER12.

                  v.    LAWRENCE H. BELSER12.

                 vi.    JACOB F. BELSER12.



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